The Internet as a Democratization Tool

THE INTERNET AS A DEMOCRATIZATION TOOL 10 TheInternet as a Democratization Tool TheInternet as a Democratization Tool Theinternet is considered one of the most fundamental and groundbreakinginventions in the contemporary human society. Indeed, it may be wellacknowledged that the revolutionary nature of this tool is evident inthe fact that it has been incorporated into almost every element oraspect […]

Neuro-Psychological Testing Number

Neuro-PsychologicalTesting Number: Neuro-PsychologicalTesting ‘Neuropsychological’testing is a method of assessing that is contained in a broader areaof psychology. By definition, these tests are performed based mode ofassessment of people’s individual functioning. They are actions ortasks that are deployed to measure brain structure relatedpsychological function. These tests are commonly applied in researchinto brain function and in a clinical setting as […]

Language Psychology

LANGUAGE PSYCHOLOGY 11 Summary and Evaluation Article 1 The article Phonological Factors in Auditory Comprehension inAphasia evaluates the procedure of phonological processing inaphasia. The authors aim at determining if Wernicke’s aphasicscomprise a selective disorder through discrimination of minimalphonemic contrasts when compared to different aphasic groups. Thearticle discusses the extreme to which the impairment is attributedto the understanding problems […]

The Electronic Surveillance and Fourth Amendment

TheElectronic Surveillance and Fourth Amendment Issuespertaining to security and privacy have always elicited controversialreactions from people across the board. This may be as a result ofthe increased importance of security, given the fact that itguarantees or safeguards the enjoyment of all other rights. Even asgovernments and law enforcement agencies needed to safeguard securityof individuals, it has always been […]

A Person of Excellence

A person of excellence is capable of living a happy and satisfiedlife by following set initiatives that bring about more happiness toeveryone and competency to himself. Human life gravitates towardsliving a fulfilled life that entails finding happiness, love, andplay while working to satisfy individual needs. Excellence is definedas “the state, quality, or condition of excelling… and achievingintrinsic quality […]

Chinese Migration to Canada

ChineseMigration toCanada Thenumberof immigrantfrom differentpartsof theworldmovinginto North America has beenincreasingover theyears.Intheearlydaysof immigration,immigrantswhomovedinto Canada camewith immensehopeandbigdreamsof transformingtheir lives,awayfrom thechallenging economicstimesin China (Zhang 10).Nonetheless,fewwerepreparedforthemassivechangesthatthenewsceneryfronted, anddidnot evenpossessknowledgeon howto tacklethechallengesin America. Theessay“whymy mothercan’t speakEnglish” by Garry Engkent and“I’ma banana andproudof it”by Wayson touchon a similartopicrelatingto lifeof Chinese immigrantsin America.Thispaperwill exemplifytheelementsthat makeyoungerimmigrantsacclimatize andadjustto diverseculturesandlanguagesin hostcountriesfaster vis-à-vis theoldergenerationof immigrants. Choyworkhighlights thealienationthat immigrantsgothrough in America […]

Wage Earners Experience

WAGE EARNERS EXPERIENCE 18 The Working and Living Conditions of Domestic Servants from 1940s toPresent The demand for domestic servants in Canada has always been high. Themajority of domestic workers are migrants and females. Domestic workis seen as a traditional woman’s role and hence it is notastonishing that most domestic servants are females. From the 1940s,the migrants move […]

Kung Fu Movies

KUNG FU MOVIES 1 Institution Affiliation: Kung Fu movies Kung Fu movies are part of a subgenre of martial arts films. They areset in the modern period of futuristic martial arts. Kung Fu has itsorigins in China, which before being modernized, was popularly knownas Wuxia (Greene, 2014). This film genre is an importantcreation of Hong Kong Cinema. The […]

Observation Paper Samsung Galaxy 5

OBSERVATION PAPER: SAMSUNG GALAXY 5 6 ObservationPaper: Samsung Galaxy 5 ObservationPaper: Samsung Galaxy 5 Toexplore the movement of different brands and services in the market,I set to observe a local Smartphone market in the nearby mall. Whilethe store sold several brands of Smartphones, it was conscious tonote that many customers concentrated on the side of the storeselling the […]

Comparing Chinese Cinema and Hong Kong Cinema

COMPARING CHINESE CINEMA AND HONG KONG CINEMA 7 ComparingChinese Cinema and Hong Kong Cinema ComparingChinese Cinema and Hong Kong Cinema Theentertainment industry has undergone fundamental changes from theconventional human society to the contemporary times. This is notonly with regard to the types or forms of entertainment that areavailable but also the kind of content that is incorporated in […]