December 2019 - Intel Assess

Hongfei Yuan

Yuan 1 ENG: 215 Seconddraft Globalization Foxconn isa huge international company that manufactures electronic devicesdesigned by famous companies such as Apple and Samsung. This companyemploys workers facing financial hardships and takes advantage ofthem by forcing them to work overtime. As a result, a greater part ofits workers ended up committing suicide because of the excessiveworkload. Many people argue […]


In“Do not go gentle into that good night” poem by Dylan Thomas is apersona’s imagination on the way his father could fight death. Thepersona agrees that both him and the elderly understands that deathis inevitable and the beginning of eternal rest, but he wishes thatthe old could resist death. The speaker uses words that portray himas a close […]


Realism,Neo-realism, Liberalism, and neo-liberalism Internationalinstitutions stipulate that there have been acceptable ways tocompete among the states. Such rules are not imposed on the specificstates but are as a result of negotiations since it is in theirpolicies to do so. By allowing governments to ignore relationships,it then moves towards a more indulging cooperation and less towardsrestoring conflict. The papers, […]

Identify a Change Project

IDENTIFY A CHANGE PROJECT 4 Identifya Change Project Identifya Change Project Theimportance of change cannot be understated as far as the growth anddevelopment of a particular entity is concerned. Businesses change inan effort to adapt to the dynamic business world. However, theseamless nature of change is determined by the manner in which it ismanaged or the leadership demonstrated […]

Admission essay for Family Nurse Practitioner Program

ADMISSION ESSAY FOR FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER PROGRAM 4 Admissionessay for Family Nurse Practitioner Program Admissionessay for Family Nurse Practitioner Program Enteringinto the healthcare industry as a nurse practitioner was a choicethat I made since my childhood. My motivation to become a nurse wasnot cultivated by anyone, but it was a natural inclination. I alwayshad the feeling of giving […]

Research Database Assignment Form

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439 – Evidence-Based Practice ResearchDatabase Assignment Form [replace thistext with your name] Describe briefly your topic ofinterest/researchquestion (15 possiblepoints): The topic of interest is Rehabilitation interms of getting out of the bondage of drug abuse. The nursingprofession plays a key role in assisting people, especiallyteenagers, in keeping off illegal drugs. This act of refraining […]

Video Production Proposal

3 VideoProduction Proposal Project What types of plastics can be recycled? Synopsis Usually,when it comes to recycling, people have no idea on what plastic isright and wrong hence, great need to clarify. The core message ofthe proposed video is to educate residents what types of plastic canbe used. However, not all products are recyclable even though mostwaste products […]

Russian intelligentsia

RUSSIAN INTELLIGENTSIA 4 Russianintelligentsia Russianintelligentsia Part1 Thereare a number of aspects that Zubok raised that seem incomplete hencewelcoming questions while others are hard to understand. In page 299,Zubok indicated that among the leftist intellectuals, there was awidespread sense that the history had betrayed them. I would like toZubok to elaborate further how the history betrayed theseintellectuals since after […]

Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement Number

JuvenileJustice and Law Enforcement Number: JuvenileJustice and Law Enforcement Question1(Challenges Facing Law Enforcement in the United States) Overthe time, one of the departments that have undergone different andtremendous changes in the United States is the justice department,and especially, the fight against criminal activities. Lawenforcement, especially at the level of policing has faced a lot ofchallenges in the United […]


MEMORANDUM 3 To:Mr. Pete Pham, Director of Saigon Pete`s food trucks. From:Mr. X, theMidtownRoute food truck manager. March 4, 2015 Proposal for Expanding Saigon Pete`s Business Theobjective of this memo is requesting you to consider the SaigonPete’s business expansion model I have developed. The investmenthas grown consistently since its foundation. The Company’s brandhas become very popular for the […]