January 2020 - Intel Assess

Immunization rates in South Dakota and Pennsylvania

Immunizationrates in South Dakota and Pennsylvania Immunizationrates in South Dakota and Pennsylvania Therecent outbreak of measles in America has turned attention on thestate of immunization in American children. Measles is a verytransmissible illness that can have serious effects to the lives ofthe affected people. Some states have very high rates of immunizationbut some of them are still lagging […]

Ethical Decision Making

ETHICAL DECISION MAKING 6 EthicalDecision Making EthicalDecision Making Physiciansare often faced with situations that require sound ethical decisionmaking ability. This is mainly because the health care sector iscomplex as it involves making decision pertaining to individuals’wellbeing, life and death. The challenge in such decisions is posedby the necessity to apply professional ethical standards and othersituations which present obligations […]

Rhetorical analysis of Amy Cuddy’s “your body language shapes who you are”

Rhetoricalanalysis of Amy Cuddy’s “your body language shapes who you are” Everywriterandspeakeruseseveralapproachesin orderconvincetheir crowd.Someof theseapproachesare theuseof Logos, Pathos, Ethos andin someinstancesDiction toocan be usedin orderto bringtheaudienceto levelwith whattheyare presenting.In thispaper,theuseof all thosestrategieshas beencarefullyexaminedinorderto analyzehowAmy Cuddy has usedeachandeveryparticularstrategyto appealto her audience.Discussion Inexaminingtherhetoricalappeals,wehavefirstto understandwhateachof theappealsentailsto.Logos usesreasonsin orderto maketheir argumentsuccessfully.Thisis by usingfactsandevidence,imagesandat timesgraphsin orderto convincetheaudience.Pathos,on theotherhand,seektheuseof emotionby usingsympathypityorangerto bringout an argument.Ethos […]

Application of Social Marketing Approach

APPLICATION OF SOCIAL MARKETING APPROACH 4 Applicationof Social Marketing Approach Applicationof Social Marketing Approach Socialmarketing has become one of the most popular strategies in thecontemporary human society. It underlines the application ofconcepts, techniques and knowledge of commercial marketing tonon-commercial ends. The approach comes in handy in the developmentof activities that would maintain or alter individual tendencies forthe benefit […]


RhetoricAnalysis in Regard to Treatment of Animals and Meat Industry Initiatedin 1898, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is America’strade and marketing association for over one million cattle ranchersand farmers. The association overseas beef products sell andpromotion, information, research, and other related activities thatare financed by beef check off and other similar market investments.In addition, it also assumes the […]

Evidence based practice

Evidencebased practice EvidenceBased Practice Evidencebased practice in health entails using evidence to make decisionsthat involve the care patients. This practice involves the use ofintegrative expertise coupled with quality clinical evidence that hasbeen the product of extensive research. Organizationidentified TheOrganization identified in this study is the Nursing and MidwiferyCouncil in the United Kingdom, where in the quest of being […]

Is FMLA a Burden On Employers? Number

IsFMLA a Burden On Employers? Number: IsFMLA a Burden On Employers? TheFMLA Act of 1993, is a United States federal law that requirescovered employers to for, workersjob-protected and unpaid leave for skilled medical and familyreasons. TheFamily and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles the eligible employees ajob-protected leave for specified family or medical reasons. Whereasthe workers are unpaid, they […]


Aristotle ethics Aristotle ethics Aristotle is one of thegreatest thinkers in the history of human kind. His thoughts on humanethics and morality influenced other great moral theorists such asThomas Aquinas. A significant feature the Aristotle ethics are theargument that moral standards are not absolute. The morality in ahuman society should therefore be based on the specialcharacteristics and nature […]

Case Study-Janet

CASE STUDY-JANET 11 CaseStudy-Janet AuthorTutorDate Theknowledge and understanding of mental illness for healthcareprofessionals is built by the ability to create a strong insight.Proper knowledge is essential to ensure that holistic and effectivecare is always provided (Charney, 2014).&nbsp The assignmentpresents a case study of an 18-year-old girl called Janet. She wasbrought to the Emergency Department by an ambulance. The […]