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Abraham Lincoln

AbrahamLincoln Bornon February 12, 1809 and died on April 15, 1865, remains one of the greatest presidents to have ruled America (Paulpara. 1). Lincoln, the 16thpresident, led America through the “Civil War and helped thecountry during political crises, slavery, and constitutional crises.He was born in Hardin province, Kentucky to Nancy Hanks Lincoln andThomas Lincoln. In 1817, the Lincolns […]

Social Impact of Business

7 SOCIAL IMPACT OF BUSINESS CorporateSocial Responsibilities Everyone is motivated when working with a most socially andenvironmentally cognizant company. Most of the company are dedicatedtoward being engaged in sustainability efforts while taking pride ofbeing part of the socially and environmentally company that focus onthe bottom line of people, planet and profit. The CSR policy for mostof the company […]

Internet as a Tool for Democratization

Internetas a Tool for Democratization Internetas a Tool for Democratization Theuse of Technology has benefitted the world in different ways. Today,the world has become one global village characterized by interactionin almost all aspects of life through the internet. Perhaps thepeople who understand better the importance of technology are thosewho lived in the era that lacked the use of […]

History and Domestication of Sugarcane

HISTORY AND DOMESTICATION OF SUGARCANE 12 Historyand Domestication of Sugarcane Nameof student Nameof professor Abstract Sugarcaneis theworld`snumberone agriculturalproductin termsof quantity.Itisgrownin morethan 90 countrieswherebyitis alsoprocessedforusein differentfoodindustriesandfordomesticuse.Morethan 90% of thepeoplein theworldusesugar in one wayoranother.Halfof thefoodprocessing industriesusesugar as one of their ingredientswhentheyprocessfoods.Theamountof sugar requiredin theworldis on theincrease.Thepurposeof thispaperis to discusstheoriginof sugarcane andtheearlycultivationof theplant.Italsodiscussesits earlyuseandthecontinueddomestication of theplantin differentpartsof theworld.Theresearchpurposesto showhowtheneedforsweeteners contributesto theincreaseddomestication […]

External analysis and internal analysis of Google Inc. Unit

GOOGLE INC. Externalanalysis and internal analysis of Google Inc. Unit Introduction: GoogleInc. started as a research project by Sergey Brin and Larry Page whoare PhD students at Stanford University. Their research project wasnicknamed “BackRub” which was use a program to follow the linksof a webpage and then analysed all of results produced by theprogram. In 1997, Sergey and […]

A Doll’s House

The play “”by Henrik Ibsen is one of the most popular plays from the 19thcentury. The three acts play was premiered in 1879 in Copenhagen inthe famous Royal Theatre. The main theme of the play is the marriagenorms and values in the 19thcentury where the main actor in the play, Nora (Siddall, 2008). Thispaper is a critical analysis […]

Origin of the Universe

Origin of theUniverse ,Creation vs. Big Bang Modern scientist believesthat the universe originated from a huge explosion some 13 billionyears ago. This is explained in the Big Bang theory. However, somescientists have disputed whether the Big Bang occurred. This is dueto scientific inadequacies of the theory. On the other hand,Christians believe in the Biblical accounts of the creation […]


Insert Surname Here 2 Frank`sRed-hot Original TV Commercial (AdvertisementAnalysis) Commercialsare meant to create a competitive advantage for an organization overits rivals in the business. Frank`sRed-hot Original TV Commercialprovides this advantage clearly in the sense that it has succeededin making the commercial and the brand the number one brand in thecountry. But the question that popes up is why […]

Date of Admission

Dateof Admission Summary-Outbreaks of Unexplained Neurologic Illness-Muzaffarpur, India,2013-2014 Muzaffarpur,India has continually reported seasonal outbreaks of acuteneurologic, which is hard to explain, since 1995. This illnessaffects young children and has a strong association with high casefatality. Several proposals on multiple potential etiologies, likepesticide exposure and infectious encephalitis, have been forwardedhowever, these proposals have not been assessed in a systematicmanner. […]

Special Challenges and the Future of Policing in America

SPECIAL CHALLENGES AND THE FUTURE OF POLICING IN AMERICA 8 SpecialChallenges and the Future of Policing in America SpecialChallenges and the Future of Policing in America TheDepartment of Justice is responsible for enforcing laws at thefederal level, try and punish offenders, and ensure that theadministration of the justice is fair and impartial. Through its fourmain agencies, the Department […]