GlobalIntegrated Enterprises

Globalintegrated enterprise can be viewed as a company that carefullydevelops and rolls down its strategy, management and operation in theview of integrating production of goods and services and the valuedelivery countrywide. Thus, this is a company that has integrated itsoperation in many countries so as to benefit from the process ofdelivery of services at less cost and procedures. The emergence ofthe global integrated enterprises has two major characteristics thatare changes in where companies produce things and changes in whoproduces these goods [ CITATION Pal06 l 1033 m Bou10].

ArgumentsWhy the Development towards A GIE Can Be Seen As an OrganizationalDevelopment

Itis true that the development of the global integrated enterprise canbe viewed as an organizational development. The global integratedenterprise has evolved from other forms of enterprises over thedecades. This is referred to as corporate evolution. The corporateevolution took place from the early times from the time when thecorporation was created by the state and was thus controlled by thestate. This evolved in the nineteenth centuries to the internationalcorporations that had the power to establish and controlinternational trade routes while relying on the states security forprotection. Another evolution took place in the year 1914 when theFirst World War led to the organization of trade in a differentmanner and subsequently to the emergence of the multinationalcorporations. These corporations are the ones that experiencedchanges in economic nationalism and liberalization of the trade thusleading to the emergence of the global international enterprises [ CITATION Pal06 l 1033 ].

Thesecond reason why the development towards the GIE is considered anorganizational change is due to the fact that the changes that led toits emergence were changes that involved where the companies producetheir goods and the changes in who produces these goods. Thus, thisis a development on how an organization is growing or development. Itis a change from local development to global development. Anotherreason is that organizational development involves the expansion ofmarkets to the regional and international boundaries where theorganization works to get more customers. This is the main goal ofthe global integrated enterprises is integration where they aim atestablishing many branches globally so as to be able to serve a widerregion. This type of expansion represents is business expansion [ CITATION Bou10 l 1033 ].

Foran organization to be developing there must be physicalrepresentations that include the growth in communication,infrastructure and other features. This is the main characteristic ofglobal integrated enterprises. They utilize communication andcreation of the firm branches in new areas where the development ofthe product by that firm has not been previously done [ CITATION Pal06 l 1033 ].

Developmenttowards GIE and Its Interpretation

Thedevelopment towards the global integrated enterprise means that therewill be a different approach to production, distribution, andworkforce deployment. There will need to be a change in the educationsystem so as to incorporate the new technologies that will beapplicable in the integrated development of resources. There will berecruitment of new talents that will be meaningful and applicable tothe specific field [ CITATION Pal06 l 1033 ].


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