Academic Writing Part A (Book Summary) Number


AcademicWriting Part A (BookSummary)


AcademicWriting Part A (BookSummary)

Writinghas become an essential exercise, especially under the academiccontext. In order for leaners to have an excellent, and qualitywriting, there are essential elements of academic writing that mustbe adhered to. It’s essential for learners to understand thegeneral aspects of writing and presenting their papers,planning/organization, research and writing, how to use sources, andstyle and editing, are some of the key parts to note in academicwriting.

Inacademic writing, it is not just a matter of putting the points inthe paper, but the voice that one applies also has weight towards thequality of the written work. It is for this reason that most of thepeople have to make sure that they read their papers loud in order tomake sure that the paper has the best voice that one wants the readerto have. Rewriting of the paper may be required if the paper has avoice that one does not want the readers to have. According to theauthor, when one is writing using sources, then it is important tomake sure that they are integrated well within the paper. One shouldbe able to make sure that one has been able to use his or her ownanalysis of the information. This can be done by one finding his orher own way of saying things. One must also be able to show thatthere is an efficient way of integration of the facts in the paper.

Whenit comes to paragraphing of the paper, it should be noted that eachparagraph should have one idea and should be organized around thatidea. Long paragraphs are said to lack unity in the sense they becomemonotonous and one may find it hard to read them. This means that oneshould look for a way to make sure that they are reduced length.However, it should be noted that even the short paragraphs can lackunity. This means that the most important thing is to ensure thatevery paragraph is built around one idea in the paper.

Thenext thing that one should make sure that it has been checked is theuse of both passive and active voice. One should be able to make surethat the various ways that the two should be used are well analyzed.The use of the active voice is more encouraged as compared to thepassive voice. In order to change a sentence from a passive one to anactive one, one should be able to make sure that doer has been movedto a subject position. The effect created by the use of active voicecan also be created by the use of strong verbs.

Inorder to come up with a good paper, one should be able to balance thesentence length. The number of syllables that are found in everysentence should vary in order to make sure that long sentences arenot followed by long ones instead of the short ones. This will ensurethat the length of the sentences have been varied in order to makesure that the long sentences are followed by the short ones. The useof punctuations especially when combining sentences ensures that allthe rules of grammar are well followed and adhered to. Through thevariation of the sentence length, it ensures that, the writer breaksthe monotony to the person reading, if a document has long sentences.The variety of sentence structures on the other hand, ensures thepaper isn’t boring to read or reason out.