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Complaint to the Bank

Accountnumber: 7852837

Iamwriting to complain about deposit I made with your bank three weeksago. I deposited $1,000 payroll check at your bank after havingsigned your name to the back of the check and writing the words &quotForDeposit Only “Account Number 7852837&quot immediately aboveyour signature. Lateron I realizedthat you deposited the cheque in mymarket account instead of payroll check account.

I have always banked with you for along time and such mistake hasnever occurred and your services are excellent, however, the depositservice of that day has really disappointed me.The wrong deposit ofcheque and the bounced check deposit haveattracted bounced check feesof $583 and $75 respectively. I have a right to full refund of thebounced check fees because it is not my mistake but yours to depositthe cheque in my other account. In addition, I gave all the detailsof the cheque and clearly indicated it is for deposit only. I am nottherefore liable to any cost incurred due to your negligence, as acustomer to your bank iam entitled to full refund of the cash anddeposit of the cash to my payroll account without delay.

Iwould like to know when you will fully refund the money incurred dueto the bounced cheque deposited. I have right to be served well as acustomer to this bank.I also request you to be keen in future whendealing with cheque deposit.

Hopeto hear from you soon. Please reach me through my email at[email protected]incase you need any clarification on the same. Thank you.





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