Admission essay for Family Nurse Practitioner Program


Admissionessay for Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Admissionessay for Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Enteringinto the healthcare industry as a nurse practitioner was a choicethat I made since my childhood. My motivation to become a nurse wasnot cultivated by anyone, but it was a natural inclination. I alwayshad the feeling of giving back to the community by diagnosing,prescribing, and managing the general care of the sick. In short,care giving is my way of life. Having come across a few peoplediagnosed of chronic illness, I came to understand the amount of careand compassion they need in order to cope with the diseases. All inall, getting admission for a family nurse practitioner (FNP) programwould offer me with a lasting reward of a profession that hasimmeasurable value, satisfaction and meaning to my life. I see it asboth a personal and professional success.

Ihold a bachelor degree in nursing (BSN) from the University ofCentral Florida. Besides, I have other certifications includinglicensed practical nurse (LPN) certification from Brevard CommunityCollege, Theta Kappa Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) Certification,and Emergency Nurse Pediatric (ENPC) Certification. In addition tothis, I have practiced for eighteen years as an emergency room nursein different health care settings, which has made me recognize thehealthcare disparities which exist in different backgrounds. Myexperience spans all of the lifestyle and nurse from the neonate tothe elderly. Community service has been organizing the local 5kBreast Cancer Walk and working closely with the Brevard County womencenter for helping the displaced women who have suffered both physical and emotional abuse, creating and organizing fund raisingbenefits. As a result, primary care is more essential now as it hasever been (Lundy, 2014). To me, I consider healthcare a human rightrather than a privilege. It means that all individuals have the rightto fundamental resources to have a healthy living.

Duringmy nursing education, I learnt a lot concerning disease processessimilar to what I had witnessed during my childhood. Through this, Irecognized the importance of education as well as proper diseasemanagement in the prevention of various complications. Somecommunities do not stress the significance of education or healthpromotion, and this gives me an opportunity to bring the requiredchange. The training I would receive from the FNP program would helpme promote healthier living and offer primary healthcare.

Nursingcombines teaching and care provision by utilizing my strengths, andat the same time benefiting other people. My stimulation initiatesfrom my inspiration to share information as well as the inherentvalue to care for other people. My central career values exemplifythe desire for ethical conduct and sympathy whereas holistictreatment is vital in successful treatment (Lucia et al., 2009). Iunderstand that being a profession in the healthcare settingnecessitates compassion, intrinsic intelligence as well as hard work.Being an adult with adequate career experience, I believe I have thecapability, commitment and the skills required to triumph in allcircumstances.

Sofar, my education background and work experience have assisted me indefining the real me, as well as what I would want to be. Gettingadmission in the FNP program would help me in reaching myprofessional goals effectively. I am a honest, confident, hardworking, and a person of integrity. They form my strengths which havecontributed, and would contribute positively in my FNP program. Ilook forward to the admission into the program as it would offer anextremely important opportunity.


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