Akamai Technologies Q1.




Akamai needs to disperse itsservers geographically because the internet is currently facing lotsof delays and sometimes failure. By doing so, Akamai will allow itsusers to move web-based product to closer to end users. Hence, theAkamai website can now deliver four to ten times faster compared tonon-Akamai website, as well as deal with over seventy-three serversglobally. At the same time, it will be easy to for dataacknowledgement (to the sender) and data verification (at receiver).


Yes, I would sign up for Akamai’sservices if I wanted to deliver software content over the internet.Akamai services have the following advantages. Firstly, it is readilyavailability, and it is reliable. Secondly, it is secure. Thirdly, ithas a high speed. Fourthly, Akamai can report tools in regardless ofthe traffics. Lastly, because of its scalability that is, itsability to have many users working on large files. Other alternativesthat I would choose rather than Akamai include Microsoft, Apple orIMB services.


The main advantage that anadvertiser can derive from Akamai services its business intelligenceon online shopping behavior. An advertiser can target buyersdepending on their geographical locations, as well as authenticate anend user’s location. Besides, an advertiser can make an ad based oncounty, are code, market area, city, religion, zip code, and speed.


Most business firms do notdistribute their video using P2p (peer-to-peer) networks because itis internet decentralized hence, every client is a server andcontributes to data and bandwidth. In addition, it is hard to collectuser data. Therefore, most people prefer Akamai because it is morestable, secure, and reliable.


In my view, internet users shouldbe charged depending on the amount of bandwidth they use. Accordingto ISP industry, this will maximize revenue and will not discriminatethe user from accessing some contents due to their high bandwidth.