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Alien abduction is a popular theme in the media and society. Manypeople allege that they have become victims of abduction by aliensresulting in their examination by extraterrestrials. The individualssuppose that the examinations have scarred them, be it physical ormental. The numerous television shows and films featuring the issuemake it seem real. These include X Files, The Fourth Kidor Fire in the Sky to name just a few. The number of abducteesseems to be increasing prompting the writing of books like The AlienAbduction Survival Guide, to assist abductees deal with thesupposed associated aftermath. Abductees and those that believe inalien abduction emphasize that some kind on nonhuman brainpower seemsto be interrelating and using human beings. Psychologists that haveexamined the victims assert the abductees depict symptoms related tostress disorders. Bearing in mind that there is no substantialevidence demonstrating how these abductions happen, it becomesimpossible not to question the authenticity of alien abduction, or itis merely an imagination.

Alien Abduction

When discussing the issue, it is relevant to contemplate what mayhave happened to abductees triggering their claims. It might be thata disturbing event has occured resulting in the brain compensatingfor the trauma through a supposed alien abduction. It could be theyhave been made to believe in a false memory through post-hypnoticinsinuations. Most likely, the abductees have seen a film where thetheme was on people being abducted by extraterrestrials, and whendreaming the subconscious repeats the episodes in the film. Mostalleged is the actuality of persons that have become victims of alienexperiments. The abductions happen through awakening from sleep andmovement to an unfamiliar spacecraft. Once aboard, many medicalexaminations happen, conducted by weird characters that are not evenclose to resembling human beings. At times, the examinations mayinclude sexual probing involving the milking of male sperms, or eggremoval in females. The ordeal seems to happen in hours, yet thevictims are back to their beds in minutes.

According to paranormal investigators, the story of alien abductionbegan in 1940s to the 60s. The period referring to The Space Agewas characterized by numerous science fiction literatures focusing onthe subject matter of humans encountering aliens. Planet Comicsis an example of the many science fiction, which aired a strip wherealiens employed a glowing tractor ray in kidnapping a womanearthling, termed as specimen 9. The contemporary abduction eracommenced in the 1960s, with the account of Betty and Barney Hill.1The couple claim to have encountered aliens when driving to theirresidence in New Hampshire. It all started with a light from the skyfollowing them, this was followed by several beeping tones from theback of the car. Later, the beeping tones became recurrent promptingthem to realize that they had driven for 35 miles subconsciously. Thedrive that would normally take four hours had taken them seven hoursto arrive at their home, with no possible explanation of the missingthree hours.

While under hypnosis, the couple narrated having been moved fromtheir vehicle by humanoids that were black, having large twistedeyes, small ears and a very tiny nose in addition to slits instead ofmouths. Mrs. Hill says she communicates with one of the humanoidsreferred to The Leader, as she questioned where the aliens hadcome from.2The alien signaled a star chart. The humanoids returned bothindividuals to their car where they proceeded to drive home. Thecouple recalls unclear thoughts on what took place, but onlyfollowing hypnosis. Skeptics disregarded the abduction due to lack ofsolid evidence. Betty Hill says she was even given a book from thespacecraft, which was repossessed by the alien prior to her release.The couple also notes the light seen may have been an aircraft signalfrom mountaintops they passed on their drive home. The humanoidsdescribed resemble one aired in The Outer Limits televisionshow. This further prompts the authenticity of the alien abductionclaim. Could it be possible that the couple really were abductees, orwere simply tired and sleep deprived.

However, is it possible to dismiss all accounts of alien abductiondetailed by the couple, even when it seems so real? After theirarrival at home, Mrs. Hill realized that her dress was stained, whichshe does not recall prior to the abduction.3It has been difficult to determine the source of the stains that havebeen accessed by diverse laboratories. Mr. Hill noticed severalcircles on their car trunk, and anytime he placed a compass close tothe circle, it would rotate fast, upon moving it away the rotatingstopped.4The main aspect in the account is the map Betty states to have seenwhile in the spacecraft. Following the Hill’s account, moreindividuals have come out to claim they have been victims of alienabduction. The resemblance in all claims is the description of thealiens, which seem to be having grey skin and large eyes as majorfeatures. In case all these accounts are authentic, then it can onlybe concluded that there exists a greater intelligence assessinghumans from earth.

There is minimal proof for authenticating that alien abduction isreal. However, the fact that there are hundreds of persons thatassert to being victims make it impossible to rule out theprobability of alien abduction as a true phenomena. The Roper Pollsheds some positive light on this probability. The poll involvesaccounts of persons that have been victims.5It is alleged that Americans, 3.7 million, have become abductees. Theauthors of the poll claim that provided a victim indicate to haveencountered the signs linked to alien abduction the individual ismost likely to have been a victim. These signs involve seeing lights,sleep paralysis where one experiences the presence of other beings,and unexplained time loss.6The Roper Organization worked with hundreds of victims in aresearch lasting seventeen years. During the period, they were in aposition to assess the victims and their experiences, thus concludingthat alien abduction is happening. Most interviewees included in thestudy had at minimum four to five of the signs.7The issue Roper Poll raises is if the individuals that assertto the indicator signs have actually been abductees. Because thesampling method is authentic as well as using a big sample size, itis correct to approximate some of the experiences were indeed real.

Several victims do not need regressive hypnosis for remembering theencounters. Immediately after abduction, the person might experienceconfusion through fragmented recollections, or tormenting dreams.8However, with time they are back to their normal state and rememberthe abduction. Recalling what took place, the victims seek assistancefrom counselors or therapists to gain closure on reasons for theirabduction. There is scientific evidence demonstrating the possibilitythat abduction is real. This derives from objects extracted fromabductees’ bodies.9Hypothetically, the objects seem to have been inserted in humanbodies to enable the aliens track the victim. The artifacts have beenavailed for further study. The mysterious manner of abduction, anddisgrace towards victims stops the reporting of most alienabductions.

More evidence focuses on refuting any possibility that alienabduction is actually happening. Skeptics argue that, abductees musthave an improved comprehension of the look and conduct of alienscompared to persons that have not been abducted. This results in twohypotheses. The Roper Poll supposes that individualsaccounting to the indicator signs have possibly been abductees.10If the presumption is right, individuals that narrate the signs havean enhanced knowhow of how extraterrestrial beings are expected tolook, in addition to what takes place during abduction, compared topersons that have no claim of indicator signs. If the presumption isincorrect, the accounts of the abductees resemble that of individualsthat have not been abducted. This is because anyone is in a positionto explain what an alien looks like, as well as the whole abductionprocess, based on the wide array of knowhow from alien abductionthemes television films and books.11

Further skepticism is that people claiming to have become victimsmight be sharing a cultural hallucination.12They can be likened to the individuals that also claim to havenear-death encounters of walking down a dim tunnel, towards anintense light. More detailed are the accounts from individuals thatclaim to witness Jesus calling them to another world. The experiencesare possibly because of the same brain conditions during thenear-death encounter, and the same life encounters and expectationsafter passing away. This rules out that the individuals almost passedaway, but is a natural account of a brain state and similar culturebeliefs on what happens when one dies. The same applies toabductions.13Having read so much and seen movies on abduction, it has become acultural belief, making it difficult to tell in individuals aremerely explaining a formulated brain state or real abduction.

Alien abduction resembles the experiences of ecstatic orcontemplative narrations of mystics. They arise from brain conditionslinked to body detachment and a feeling of transcendence. The samefeelings have been triggered via the employment of electrodes instimulating particular brain sections.14Shared accounts of alien abduction do not imply the abductees aretelling the truth. The experience could arise from brain stateslinked to sleep paralysis or diverse kinds of sleep interruptions,involving light brain seizures. Sleep paralysis happens during thehypnagogic condition. The narrations of abductees, like the abilityto move, communicate, and feel other individuals are close,apprehension and inability to call for help, are sleep paralysissigns.15The condition is said to account for numerous delusions entailingparanormal experiences, among them alien abduction. Psychiatricconditions may also trigger sick individual’s brains into havingdelusions. This makes it highly likely that the abductees eitherexperience sleep paralysis, given the fact that most abductionshappen when in bed. In other cases, the abductees may havepsychiatric conditions resulting in alien abduction hallucinations.This could especially happen to individuals with the conditions afterviewing films that feature aliens.

Alien abductees resemble mystics due to their strong conviction ofencountering something that has not been experienced by otherpersons. The mere proof of the experience derives from the belief ofthe abduction occurring due to the victims claim. The claim of mysticexperiences may be grouped into the ecstatic as well ascontemplative.16Every kind of mysticism has a past of testaments similar toabductees’ claims. Ecstatic mystics seem to explain theirunexplainable encounters in analogous manners. The experience ofperfect peace resembles having a good rest. In more developed phasesof mysticism, the claim becomes analogous to passing away, acondition of complete unity. This means that since mysticalexperiences are narrated in like manners by mystics from diverseregions, does not mean the experiences are authentic. The sameapplies to alien abduction experiences.

Abductees are analogous to not merely mystics, rather medieval nunsthat supposed evil spirits was seducing them, and historic Greekfemales convinced they had sexual relations with witches. Thetherapist and counselors who aim at helping abductees resembleancient priests that in place of challenging hallucinations wouldendorse and cultivate them. It is difficult to come across a victimthat has not been compelled to believing their claim is true. Theabductees, through hypnosis are encouraged to explain in more detailtheir encounters.


It is not possible to conclude the actuality of alien abduction.What is obvious though is the requirement for further investigationon the issue. Despite the accounts appearing to be largely false, anyscientific evidence will be beneficial in clearing the issue. Mostvictims claim to have scars and scoop signs after abduction, yet themarks may be because of normal injuries. Physical proof on abductionis weak. Provided there is no claim that can be proven scientificallyand physically, alien abduction progresses to be questionable.


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