Analysis of Pizza Pizza Limited


Analysisof Pizza Pizza Limited

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Accordingto Hunnicutt (2009), corporate social responsibility involves acorporation’s initiative to measure and take accountability for itseffects on the surroundings to have an impact on social welfare. Theword general is mostly used when defining corporate socialresponsibility since it refers to a company’s decision and effortsthat go beyond what is required by the regulators. Pizza Pizza has asolid corporate responsibility plan. Its social responsibility sloganstates “socially responsible to you” the company understand thatsocial responsibility creates respectful relations with thestakeholders. The company is overly proud of its slices for smilesfoundation that was established in 2007 in memory of the company’s40th anniversary. The Foundation assists organizations that giveimportant building blocks of life to children in Canada. Theseinclude education, health care nutrition and social support. Further,within the period of seven years, they have made commendable progressby being able to raise more than 1,300,000, which have been given tochildren’s charities across the country.

Investorrelations involve the sharing of relevant information and insightsbetween the corporation and its investment community. The companyshares information to enable the positive reception of its businessactivities. Pizza Pizza enhances its investor relations by providingconstant information on the performance of the company to theinvestors through its website. On the company’s website, the tabfor investors contains press releases by the company. It is made upof news such as the sale of shares or ongoing offering bought deals.In addition, it provides information about its financial performanceat the end of each financial period (Coombs &amp Holladay, 2012).

Thereason for selecting corporate social responsibility and investorrelations is for the single reason that they indicate the openness ofthe corporation. The major benefits of corporate responsibility arethat its ability to provide benefits inform of risk management,savings on costs, capital accessibility, enhanced customerrelationships, improved human resource management and innovationcapacity. Corporate responsibility may save an organisationreputation in times when crisis has damaged customer confidence andthe customers trust in the business (Coombs &amp Holladay, 2012).

Investorrelations enable the creation of trust in the investors. With thetrust, the company has an easier time to raise capital. The investorsdepend on trust to lend their money. When investors trust is absenton the operations of the business, they will fail to buy financialinstruments issued by the company in an effort to raise capital. Inaddition, in case of buying they will relate the shares with highrisk and as a result they will negotiate for a discount. It will barthe company from raising enough capital (Hunnicutt, 2009).

Bothshow how the company relates with its external environment. Inaddition, the manner with which a company interacts with its externalenvironment depicts the ability of management to balance theorganization`s activities.

Corporatesocial responsibility for Pizza Pizza will include the efforts it hasput forward ever since it began being corporately responsible.Investor relations will cover the different ways the company enhancesits relationship with investors.

Aspart of Pizza pizza corporate strategy, it sponsors various communityinitiatives in the various parts of the country. They include arts,cultural activities, sports and civic groups. In addition, thecompany works with more than 1900 elementary schools andorganizations to help local volunteers to raise money for localcauses (Coombs &amp Holladay, 2012).

PizzaPizza has an eco-friendly program that looks for ways to make theindustry sustainable. They work with suppliers and franchisees toreduce waste and encourage recycling. Through the use of plastictotes, the company has been able to keep 10 million square feet ofcardboards out of landfills. On each April, the company holds cellsfor a slice campaign. The campaign calls the customers to drop offtheir used cell phones Pizza Pizza locations in exchange for freeslices of pizza (Beauchamp &amp Bowie, 2008). The company ensuresthat all the devices are recycled and diverted from landfills.Proceeds generated from the refurbishing of the used devices goes tobenefit food banks in Canada.

Thecompany recently moved to environmentally friendly sources of energy.The company moved office into a specially designed andenvironmentally friendly environment. Wind power turbines and rooftoppanels together with solar heating and storage cell batteries powerits offices (Beauchamp &amp Bowie, 2008).

Inaddition, some of the facts from the company’s corporate socialprogramme include the saving of 84000 trees each year with recycledmaterials in pizza boxes. A further 3000 trees are saved each yearwith craft colored napkins at pizza pizza locations. The use ofreusable packaging saves 1.3 million sauce cans annually.

Inaddition, Pizza Pizza deposits all its flour into silos instead ofusing the flour bags. As a result, it saves 54000 flour bags eachyear. At Pizza Pizza, all warehouse lighting has been changed fromthe 400w metal bulb to energy efficient 100W T5 high output bulbs.This effort reduces the overall energy use by 75% while increasingthe luminous output by 30%.

Tocater for investors interests in the company, the management hasannounced 42 million secondary offering bought deal. Pizza Pizzaroyalty Corporation announced its fourth-quarter and annual financialresults. Further, the Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp announced its Februarydividend and timing of the fourth quarter earnings release andconference call.


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