Andrew Ryan Case at VC Brakes


AndrewRyan Case at VC Brakes

AndrewRyan Case at VC Brakes


Thetransformation efforts at VC Brakes failed because of the style ofimplementing the change at the firm. The implementation of TotalQuality Management failed because the manager in charge, Andrew Ryanhastily implemented the initiative without prior research on thebehavior of the people in the organization. Therefore, he did notconsider the culture of the organization. Griffinand Moorhead (2011) argue that the introductionof change must be implemented in a gradual process to allow the humanelements to transition from the previous management style to the newone.

Thechange efforts at the company failed because of poor transformativeleadership by Andrew Ryan. He did not lead the restructuring effortsfrom the transformative leadership style, but from the perspective ofadministrative implementation. According to Griffinand Moorhead (2011),management of change should be led by leaders who are transformativein the approach other than managerial in approach. In addition, thechange efforts failed because people in the organization were used tothe volatile autocratic management style. Griffinand Moorhead (2011) further argue that sucha management style is not receptive to change. Instead, theautocratic management style of the firm led to the introduction ofpolitics against Andrew Ryan. This explains why Andrew was effectivein his engineering work, but unsuccessful in the implementation ofthe TQM initiative.


Despitebeing a valuable employee, he performed poorly in the change effort.Therefore, I would grade him at a C or a score of six out of ten.This evaluation is because of his ineffectiveness in theimplementation of the TQM initiative. In addition, he failed toreport certain observations that could have streamlined the humanresource. For instance, the Box Cutters were not effective in theirwork and were not at par with the standards of the firm Cespedes &ampSunru, 2013). Despite being is effective in the change efforts AndrewRyan is a valuable employee for the company.


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