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Knownfor his contribution in the world of art, AndrewWyeth was an American artist who a 20th century painter was widelyknown for his realism in the pastorals, and portraiture through hiswork in painting. In other words, he was a visual artist (realismpainter). His work made him one of the best known artists in theUnited States, and was nicknamed ‘painterof people’.

Wyethwas born on 12thJuly 1917. H was born in Chadds ford, in the state of Pennsylvania.He was the youngest in a family of five, by his parents N.C Wyeth(father), and Carolyn Bockius (mother). At an early age, Andrew wasaffected by a bad hip and also suffered from frequent bouts withillnesses. This made his parents decide he was too weak or fragile toattend school, like his age mates. His was home based tutored, wherehis father was his main tutor, as well as being tutored by otherwhile at home. His education was greatly contributed by his father,as he was home schooled. His father was himself an artist, and tookthe intuitive to teach Andrew this trade. His art training was inturn from his father (Adams&amp Wyeth, 2006).

Andrewused different styles in his work, but the most common and the one hewas best known for are the realismpaintinginRegionalismStyleof art. Regionalism was regarded is American realist modern artmovement which was common and popular in the 1930’s. The artists inthe era and this style were known for shunning the city life, andinstead created scenes of rural life. The main characteristic of theart was its reassuring images of American heart land. Some of theAndrew’s famous painting includes the Christina’sWorld, Brown Swiss, Public Sale, Garret Room,among many other paintings by him (Adams&amp Wyeth, 2006).

Oneof the factors that attracted me into this artwork, and the artist isthe immensely and prominence of both the artists and his work, andalso his contribution to the world of art through his paintings. Withformal education, Andrew grew as a home schooled and later, learningfrom his father become of the key figures in the art industry. Hisimmense contribution to the world of art is tremendous and in turnhard not to mention him, especially through his style of working.‘Regionalism style’. Manyof Andrew’s paintings carried the subject of his locales and hisimmediate surrounding such as is his neighbors. He used subjectsof land and people that were around him (Adams&amp Wyeth, 2006).One of the key influences into painting by Andrew was his father. Hissubject in the paintings were greatly contributed by life experiencesand most importantly the style that was prominent during his time(art period), regionalism.

Oneof Andrew’s prominent paintings is the ‘Christina’s world’.This is a Tempera that was painted in1948. The style of the image isthe realist style. It is the painting of a woman who is seen lying ina field that is treeless and looks like she is paralyzed owing to thethin nature that she is portrayed. The image was made in such a waythat it depicted one of the homes in the artist’s home area ofCushing Maine (Hoptman&amp Wyeth, 2012).


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