Application GAMS Software in Mathematical models


ApplicationGAMS Software in Mathematical models


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GAMSSoftware application

Theabove code has been generated using the General Algebraic ModellingSoftware. GAMS is essential in mathematical optimization and isapplied in many fields of study. It is also used in other modern dayapplications. The use of optimization is in assessing the maximumutilization of resources with an equivalent reduced cost. The IDE ofGAMS is easy to use and has been applied to get the above code. Inthe above problem, gating solutions are necessary, and a keyrequirement of ensuring proper airport operations run smoothly. Thegating allows for an orderly flow of departing and arriving flightsto avoid confusion and gridlock along the runway and hangars (Peng,2009).

Thesituation is a NP-hard problem. Such have no standard algorithm foroptimization. The number of flights and available gates affect eachother directly. There are also many changes throughout a specificday, with the number of flights per day not being constant. Suchcomplexity calls for the implementation of an algorithm called thehybrid heuristic algorithm (Kim, 2013), in conjunction with acombination of Greedy Heuristic and Tabu Heuristic, all underStimulated Annealing Heuristic. The modern day international airportsare very busy, with high traffic in terms of arrivals and departures.Unexpected events also happen, such as emergency landings, delays dueto bad weather or volcanic activity and overbooking of some flights.It calls for a better gating system, with the highest efficiencypossible. The purpose of this optimization is to ensure that allcustomers get the best experience of flying or else they will not usethe same airport and its facilities again. The above can be used in adecision support solution that can be used by airports to provide thebest gate allocation schedules and decisions (Chang, 1994).


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