Application of Social Marketing Approach


Applicationof Social Marketing Approach

Applicationof Social Marketing Approach

Socialmarketing has become one of the most popular strategies in thecontemporary human society. It underlines the application ofconcepts, techniques and knowledge of commercial marketing tonon-commercial ends. The approach comes in handy in the developmentof activities that would maintain or alter individual tendencies forthe benefit of the society at large. The approach may, with no doubt,be applied to the Lewis Blackman Patient Safety Act case study. Asstated, the death of Lewis was blamed on poor communication andconfusion alongside poor communication pertaining to the teachinghierarchy, as well as the inability to determine the caregivers thatare well trained to cater for emergencies and ensure a smoothoperation. Indeed, such operations necessitate that the trainees beunder the supervision of a qualified and professional doctor who hasthe capacity to cater for emergencies and identifies mistakes beforea devastating outcome. Once the problem has been identified,strategies and plans would be devised to eliminate the possibility oftheir occurrence in the future.

Thesocial marketing approach may be carried out in six fundamentalsteps. First, the problem would have to be described in clear anprecise terms. The data so obtained would then be analyzed anddiagnosed to determine the root cause of the problem. Secondly, amarket survey would be carried out in an effort to obtain clear dataon the causes of the problems that were identified originally. Third,a marketing strategy would be devised to combat the problem soidentified (McLaughlin et al, 2012). This is followed by the planningof an intervention and the most appropriate way of implementing. Theeffectiveness of the plan would have to be monitored and evaluated sothat any bugs may be eliminated and modifications made on the plan(McLaughlin et al, 2012). The last time would involve theimplementation of the intervention and assessment of the results


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