Architectural Discussion




Thepost-modern styles are exemplified by a number of buildings thatportray diverse characteristics of the postmodern. One of suchbuildings is the Brant House in Greenwich, Connecticut, UnitedStates.This is because most of the features of the house portray the postmodern styles. The building was constructed as a home for a moderncouple and offer storage for the art decorations and pop art.According to theGreat Buildings (n.d), the house is builton a 30 acre, the environment of the house is serene and wooded.

Oneof the post modern features is the design of the house and theentrance. The entrance has wide stairs to the house, with a sideaccess to a well designed car garage. The interior design of thehouse also portrays post modern style. The kitchen is designed tooversee the playing ground of the children and the home library(GreatBuildings, n.d).Another feature is the interiors of the building. The interior ismarked and embellished with art decoration and modern pop art. Thestairs to the front door lead to the pieces of art and largepaintings hanging on the wall.

Inthe course, I learned a number of ideas and principles that haveshaped my thinking about architecture. One of the most intriguingideas is that older architectural styles offer important inspirationto the modern styles of building. Secondly, I find the idea ofincorporating the classical architectural designs into the modernbuilding styles difficult. This is because I find the ancientarchitectural designs so complex to fit the modern styles. Thirdly,the idea of integrating the cultural aspects into the architecturalstyles is intriguing enough. This is because there are severaldiversities of culture and social dynamics that do not find their wayinto the architectural representation.


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