Art Belief


Artis a form of expression of feelings, emotions and ideas. Art plays acrucial role in the society as it helps relate with certain periodsof history. Today, art has is used to tell a story of how people indifferent people viewed things from their own perspective. Art is notonly felt but experienced and appreciated. Art is a special part ofmy life because it helps me look at life differently. Over the yearsI have awed by various artists who have come from different artisticperiods. Each artist brings something different to the table andtheir works are unique in their own ways. However, I have to say thatthe works of three artists have influenced my life in a positive wayand have made be belief that passion is a necessary ingredient forsuccess. In this essay, I will discuss the lives, works and impact ofthree artists who have stood out and inspire me to reach greatheights in whatever I lay my hands on. The works of Pablo Picasso,Michelangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci have had a profound impact on mylife and this essay will highlight some of their inspiring works inart.

PabloPicasso is believed to be one of the best artists and painters of the20thcentury. His works was detail oriented and with the emergence ofcubism which was a different art form, he helped introduce andexpress art in a different kind of way. Born in Malaga, Spain PabloPicasso the artist would later spend the later part of his career inParis. Pablo Picasso was brilliant with the brush and the canvas. Hisattention to telling a story was especially what captured theattention of the audience. Pablo Picasso was never afraid ofexpressing himself in art and sometimes this would never go well withhis friends and family. For instance, during early in his life hisfather warned Picasso of painting and even hid his paintingparaphernalia. In 1907, when Picasso unveiled one of his most reveredworks, Les demoiselles d’Avignon, his friends were disappointed andwere not amused by his new style of art but this did not slow downthe artist. Pablo Picasso stands out as a great artist to me becausehe pushed the limit as to what was acceptable as art during his time.Pablo Picasso was also never afraid of expressing himself in artdespite the criticism he got from his friends or family.

Michelangelodi LodovicoBuonarroti Simoni is popularly referred to asMichelangelo. Michelangelo is usually associated with the renaissanceperiod and is considered to be one the best artists of all time.Michelangelo was a sculptor, architect, painter, poet and an engineerand made immense contribution to art during the rebirth period. Someof his most revered works include: Pieta, the Sistine Chapel ceiling,David and the creation of man. Michelangelo was an impeccable artistwho took his craft seriously. Michelangelo’s attention to detailwas however one of his most outstanding attribute for example, thesculpture of David which is located in Florence is attests to hisdetail oriented style of art. The sculpture also gave Michelangelo anidentity in sculpturing where his works stood out for having chiselshaped images and had attention to detail in body parts such as theabdominals and beards for males. My favorite piece of work was ofcourse the Sistine Chapel which is located in Rome. The work was nodoubt a piece of work. The art work took Michelangelo four years tocomplete not to mention the unbelievable task of painting the imageson the ceiling of the chapel. Michelangelo only had one chance todraw the painting and he did not disappoint in his execution.Michelangelo stood out as an inspiration to me because of the passionhe had for his work. It is believed that Michelangelo spent most ofhis time mastering his art that eating was merely for survival as hedid not derive much pleasure from it. In addition, he was focused todetail and was second to none as far details are concerned.Michelangelo is a true illustration that never comes ease and inorder to be the best one has to love what they do and become the bestat what they do.

Leonardodi Vinci completes the list of my top three artists of all time. Justlike Michelangelo, Leonardo di Vinci was a renaissance artist andbesides being a painter and a sculptor he was also a musician, anarchitect and a mathematician just to mention a few. Leonardo diVinci is in fact considered to a genius by people who are familiarwith his works. It is believed that Leonardo di Vinci conceptualizedthe helicopter 400 years before it was invented. Leonardo di Vinci’smost popular works include the Mona Lisa and the last supper.Leonardo di Vinci was not an ordinary artist and painters as hisworks were utterly brilliant. Leonardo would bring out variousperspective in paintings that looked simple but made a hugedifference in the paintings. He was keen on details. Leonardo diVinci serves as a good example of how people should apply theirknowledge and skills in every aspect of their lives and make adifference.