Article critique





Thearticle discusses the new role of HR in modern business environments.It emphasizes on the need to shift from traditional HR to a newapproach that seeks to add value throughout the enterprisestrategically. This includes linking HR goals to customer needs andlinking HR goals to overall organization strategies such as costreduction. Fundamentally, the new HR approach must liaise more withthe top management to become a strategic business partner who can addvalue to the organization by enhancing productivity, motivatingemployees, linking customer needs to specific tasks among others.From these issues, the author makes several findings including theneed to the need for HR to facilitate effective knowledge managementand information dissemination in organizations. He reveals that HRcan best serve their new roles by linking with top management andshowing their value addition abilities. To do so, he recommends thatHR managers must develop strategies to earn the trust of the topmanagement by being honest about their strategies. One way of earningthis trust is facilitating knowledge sharing and information flow.

Credibilityof the author

Theauthor is a practicing professional as the Head of HR &ampAdministration in a multinational company. His experience in thefield alone gives him considerable authority to comment on thisfield. However, his academic qualifications in the same field are notprovided which are critical in supporting his credibility inauthoring such an article. Again, he does not provide any evidence ofresearch as is required of academicians. Thus, the article merelyexpresses his view and opinion on how to carry out new HR management.


Thearticle informs school administrators that the HR arm of schoolmanagement should seek ways of integrating HR management strategiesin adding value to the entire school system. This includes linking Hrobjectives to overall school management objectives such as higherenrollment and better grades. Additionally, HR should seek ways topreempt challenges facing teachers and school staff that can impedetheir ability to perform in their respective roles.


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