Article Critique


The article revisits and describes basic nursing care concept andaims at coming up with a definition, which results in theincorporation of the concepts actions to the electronic healthrecord.

The design and method involves coding every fundamental nursing careaction employing the “Clinical Care Classification (CCC)” outline(Englebright, Aldrich &amp Taylor, 2014). Coding included the fouractions according to the CCC. This was achievable through documentingaspects linked with every action to CCC outline, linking the granularinformation facets with intervention to permit prospect evaluation.The authors select CCC codes due to their capability in allowingreporting, as well as evaluation and provide the possibility ofexternal benchmarking.

Qualitative research applies to the objectives of the study. It is akind of educational study where the researcher depends on theopinions of participants, through asking generalized questions,gathering information comprising of words from those involved in theresearch, defines and analyzes the feedback, and carries out theanalysis subjectively. It applies to the article because the authorsaim at finding the most appropriate definition for “basic nursingcare actions”. The objective also involves inclusion of theseactions in electronic health record.

Thus, beings an educational study and using opinions frompractitioners, attributes the research technique to qualitativeanalysis.

The pros of qualitative research include the ability of exploringtopics indepthly when compared to quantitative analysis. The methodis cost effective since the number of participants is limited and themethod does not necessitate the application of extensive techniques.It is flexible in regards to location and time. Cons involve theinability to make the findings general to suit a larger audience.

It is not possible to approach the study via another analysis. Thisis because there is no information to measure, as the study islargely an analysis.


Englebright, J., Aldrich, K., &amp Taylor, C. R. (2014). Definingand incorporating basic nursing care actions into the electronichealth record. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 46(1), 50- 57.doi:10.1111/jnu.12057