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Physicistsfrom the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and CBS suggest thatneutrinos can be applied to watch any sign of nuclear proliferationin nuclear plants. It is worth noting that, neutrinos are generatedfrom radioactive elements decay that can greatly assist theregulatory agencies when it comes to observation of plutoniumproduction. By measuring the emissions of neutrino, scientists willbe able to conjecture the plutonium content of a given rector outsidethe edifice. However, the existing neutrino-detector technology willrequire to be slightly improved in order to integrate a detectorsystem to a standard 20-foot shipping container. This will allow thephysicians or other stakeholders to monitor a heavy water rector likethe one in Iran as portion of a non-proliferation measure (VirginiaTech, 2014).

Article’sRelation to Class Learning

Inclass, we studied that big bang is a theory that explains the initialstate of the earth, a very high density and later expanded. After theearth initial expansion, the universe completely cooled allowingformation of sub atomic matters that later formed simple atoms.Through the force of gravity, clouds of these elements coalescedlater forming stars and galaxies. Now, physicists are deeplyexploring how the subatomic particles can solve some of the biggestchallenges in the current universe. The neutrinos discussed in The‘Big Bang Theory’ are been tapped to provide any signs of nuclearproliferation in nuclear power plants.

Significantof the Article

Thecurrent global is high risked as a result of human behavior. Humanbeings have exploited physics into their own advantage, and insteadof using it positively, they start threatening other human beings. Agood example is Iran, which has kept the world at cold war throughthe continuous threats of nuclear bombs. However, global leaders havefailed to combat these threats directly, and as a result, they onlyrespond through guerilla tactics, like imposing economic suction andamong others. With the help of this article, physicists will be ableto monitor as well as providing exact data of any nuclearproliferation in nuclear power plants. This data can be supplied tothe relative legislative in order to take the necessary steps.


VirginiaTech. (2014, August 12). Neutrino detectors could help detect nuclearweapons. ScienceDaily.Retrieved February 26, 2015