Blumenthal,Paul. The inside story on how Citizens United has changed lawmakingin Washington. Huffington Post. (2015). Retrieved March 12, 2015from:


Thisarticle by Paul Blumenthal discusses how Citizens United has affectedlawmaking in Washington.


Accordingto the article, Citizens United is a conservative group whichbelieves that politics and money should go hand in hand. In theCitizensvs. Federal Election Commission casein 2010 the Supreme Court agreed with the group that corporationsshould be allowed to give donations to politicians. Blumenthalbelieves this has drastically changed how lawmaking is beingconducted because it is simply legalized corruption. According to onelobbyist who was interviewed by the writer, “people will only dowhat the law permits”. In fact, several top politicians such asspeaker John Boehner, senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, andminority leader Harry Reid all receive numerous donations fromcorporations from different industries in the country. Thesedonations play a huge role in ensuring these politicians get andremain in power. Consequently, these leaders are put in a situationwhereby the lawmaking process is directly influenced by these groups.The writer calls this legalized corruption and it undermines CitizensUnited’s mantra to restore American values by giving the governmentback to the people. It is impossible for people to have a say whencorporate donations during elections directly affect the outcomesconcerning who gets elected and who does not. Furthermore, the mostof the corporate donations go to the republicans since theirconservative agendas play along the lines of huge multimillion dollarcorporations. Interestingly enough, for every one corporate donationdemocrats get, the republicans get 10 corporate donations.

Impactof Article

Thisarticle is very revealing concerning the hidden agendas held by theconservative group. On one side the conservative group talks abouthow it wants to give back power to the people back all it seems to dois give more power to rich conservatives. In fact, the comments madeunder the article by other readers indicate that people are now quitedistrusting of anything politicians say in the media. People aroundthe country now realize that the “restoring American values”mantra is just lip service to make Americans think that long awaitedchange has arrived. The article definitely impacts Washington DCnegatively since it is now a sign of legalized corruption. Suchtwisted political strategies in Washington can only lead to growingand widespread dissent from the regular citizens.


Anopposing view in this case claims that forbidding the corporation tofund individual is way of getting rid of the provision of free speechprovided in the first amendment. The money given to the politiciansespecially during elections is usually for funding media activitiesand also funding their campaigns. Once elections are over thecontinual funding is directed at political action committees. Thisargument basically asserts that Citizens United wants legalizedcorruption as opposed to blatant corruption which cannot be accountedfor by the government or the people.


Thisarticle definitely impacts me personally because it reveals thatthose who have power dictate everything in government. Furthermore,this article teaches that people should not believe everything theyhear especially from politicians because the chances are high that itis just lip service. Finally, the article creates a big impressionthat self-education and personal involvement in politics is verynecessary since due to ignorance many people fall prey to others whopretend to have the plan but they are only wolves in sheep clothing.