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Transformational Leadership

TransformationalLeadership (University) Transformationalleadership has significant influence on a student’s performance. Inthis respect teachers are continually tasked with increasingstudent’s achievement. An approach that meaningfully improves thisapproach emanates from improving the relationship betweenorganisational factors and school leadership. Evidently, leaderswithin a school should offer preferred leadership characteristicsgiven its influence on the overall student performance. As such, theleaders should be the agents […]


QUESTIONS Questions Questions Question 2: How didFrederick Douglas justify stealing from his master in hisautobiography? In his bibliography, FrederickDouglas admits that he used to steal from his master, only to savehis life. He argued that although it was hard to steal, according tohis conviction, there was nothing wrong with it because it was hisonly option. He also argued […]

Aristotle and Utilitarian View of Happiness

ARISTOTLE AND UTILITARIAN VIEW OF HAPPINESS 6 Aristotleand Utilitarian View of Happiness Aristotleand Utilitarian View of Happiness Happinessis a state of being happy with oneself and the world around a person.It is a concept that has been described by many philosophers andphilosophical theories. It is important to discuss happiness from theperspective of these two aspects. In this regard, […]

Setting Educational and Career Goal

SettingEducational and Career Goal Whenit comes to choosing a career, it is critical to make certainconsiderations such as the remuneration expected from the career andeducational requirements among other things. These aspects aresignificant in setting up of a career since they help in pursuing acareer with certainty. Besides, it also increases the motivation forworking in a certain career field. […]

Cybercrime Security Strategies

CybercrimeSecurity Strategies Abstract Cybercrimeis currently a global challengethat affectsindividuals,corporations,andgovernmentagencies.Perpetrators of cybercrimeare motivatedby differentfactorsto factors(includingtheneedto stealcriticalinformation,destroycorporations,andstealmoney)to conductcybercrime. Theestimatedannualcostof cybercrimeis $ 100 billion, with projectsthat thecostwill growto $ 120 billion by 2017. Thegovernmentagenciesandcorporationsemployprofessionalswhocan enhancetheir capacityto dealwith emergingchallenges.Developingtheearlywarningsystemsis a commonstrategyusedby governmentsto protectthelocalcorporations,individuals,andtheir agencies.Otherstrategiesusedby corporationsandthegovernmentagenciesincludeenhancingthetechnological capacityof thelawenforcers, regulatoryoversight,andencryption. Despite theuseof differentstrategiesto addresstheissueof cybercrime,globalization of thismenacecoupledwith rapidtechnological changesmakesitdifficultforthestakeholders to preventtheprevalenceof cybercrime. Keywords:cybercrime, technological […]

Citizen Rights in Russia

CITIZEN RIGHTS IN RUSSIA 3 CitizenRights in Russia Citizens’Rights in Russia Everycitizen in Russia enjoys various rights and freedoms as provided forby chapter two of the constitution. Provision of rights is inaccordance to the universal principles and international law. Inaddition, Russian citizen can only exercise these rights and freedomsin accordance with the current constitution. Note that theconstitution is […]

Research Paper In-N-Out In-N-Out

IN-N-OUT 7 ResearchPaper: In-N-Out In-N-Out Thefast food restaurants have been a major contributor to the globaldiet-related diseases that have set the kids for the lifetime ofhealth issues. About 30 percent of the children born in the postmillennium period suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. This number is risingsignificantly in various communities, especially in developedcountries. The major health problems resulting […]

Practicum Change Project

PRACTICUM CHANGE PROJECT 5 PracticumChange Project PracticumChange Project Theimportance of technology in healthcare cannot be understated as faras efficiency and effectiveness of care is concerned. Perhaps themost effective technological innovation is the Electronic MedicalRecord (EMR), which is a systematic collection of electronic healthinformation pertaining to the population or individual patient. Theimplementation of the EMR in any healthcare facility […]

Can Total Quality Management (TQM) be effective in North America?

CanTotal Quality Management (TQM) be effective in North America? Tableof Contents Introduction 3 Causesof Failure in TQM implementation 5 Barriersof TQM implementation 7 Overcomingthe Challenges of TQM Implementation 8 Roleof Top Managers 9 Roleof Unit Managers 11 AttainingEffectiveness of TQM 11 Conclusion 13 CanTotal Quality Management (TQM) be effective in North America? Companiesin various sectors of the economy […]

McDonald`s Corporation Obesity Crisis

McDonald’sCorporation: Obesity Crisis Obesityis a medical disorder whereby excess fat has accumulated in the bodyto an extent it may affect the health of an individual negatively. Itmay also lead to reduced lifeexpectancy due to increased health problems. In U.S and Michigan, people areseen as obese when their bodymass index(BMI) (a measurement derived by dividing the weight of a […]