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Walking Under a Paranji The Jadid Approach to Women

WalkingUnder a Paranji: The Jadid Approach to Women WalkingUnder the Paranji: The Jadid Approach to Women ZuzanaGiertlova’s topic is “Walking under the Paranji: The JadidApproach to Women”. In this article, Zuzana Giertlova asks: What isbehind the philosophical reasoning for Jadidist support for thewomen’s fight for their rights? To begin with, the subject of womeneducation fully became Jadidist most […]

Art Belief

ArtBelief Artis a form of expression of feelings, emotions and ideas. Art plays acrucial role in the society as it helps relate with certain periodsof history. Today, art has is used to tell a story of how people indifferent people viewed things from their own perspective. Art is notonly felt but experienced and appreciated. Art is a special […]

Sociology Sociology

SOCIOLOGY 4 Sociology Sociology It is agreeable that majority of the problems that are faced by theAmerican society today are as a reason of the weakening of the familyunit. It is evident that the initial intended aim of a family was toraise individuals with morals and the virtues of beings who cancomprise a moral society. However, since the […]

Article Critique

ARTICLE CRITIQUE 4 The article revisits and describes basic nursing care concept andaims at coming up with a definition, which results in theincorporation of the concepts actions to the electronic healthrecord. The design and method involves coding every fundamental nursing careaction employing the “Clinical Care Classification (CCC)” outline(Englebright, Aldrich &amp Taylor, 2014). Coding included the fouractions according to […]

Memorandum Memorandum

MEMORANDUM 1 Memorandum Memorandum TO:Board of Directors FROM:The Human Resource Director DATE:March 8, 2015 SUBJECT:Recommendation on Commencement of Litigation Procedures Thismemoexpressesmy sincerethoughtson theongoingdisputebetween thecompanyandtheInternational Brotherhood Electrical Workers, Local 960 in caseno.3: 11-ev-00080-FM. Thecasehas beenongoingforthelongestperiodnow.Theissuein disputeoriginatesfrom thelayingoff of Betty Sparks, whountil thenwasone of our productiveemployees.Shewasa registeredmemberof theaboveworkersunionthat is currently suingon her behalf.Thecomplainant assertsthatthecompanyactedin a mannerthat wasdiscriminatoryto her hence,andsheavers thather […]


Customsinvolved in the Jewish wedding ceremony uphold both religious law aswell symbolism, with cultures that date thousands of years back(Cohen, p. 1). The wedding actualizes a transformational event in thelife of the married, bringing together two individuals into a unionof the souls that were presumed separate before. The customspracticed in the marriage ceremonies have a blend of theunderpinnings […]

The Relationship between Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution

TheRelationship between Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution TheRelationship between Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution Thehistory of mankind is characterized by several phases of development.Each phase of development arises as a result of various conditionsset by the preceding phase. Political ideologies and theories ofeconomic development are dependent on each other. For instance, therise of capitalism that was a political […]

Managing for quality and performance excellence

MANAGING FOR QUALITY 10 Delivering quality services to customers is a challenge that manycompanies deal with daily. Zeron a local cable Company has had itsfair share of problems with high levels of customer complaints in thepast few years. Despite having had a monopoly on cable services inthe country and the customers growing significantly, constantcomplaints about customer services have […]

English Language Policy in India

ENGLISH LANGUAGE POLICY 1 Institution Affiliation: English language policy in India Englishlanguage and its roots in India India has faith in the life-changing influence of English aswitnessed both in urban and rural areas, regardless of the age orbackground of the individual. In the country, English language is notconsidered to be an ordinary communication skill, but a sign ofbetter […]