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Iattended the London School of Economics and Political Science where Igraduated with a bachelor degree in Public policy in the early 90s.Later, I proceeded to Harvard University for post graduate degree inPublic Administration. I am an extrovert and extremely social. Mychildhood was full of fun, escapades and adventure. Because of thispersonality, I made great friends across the University, ingovernment agencies and in other sectors of public life. In fact, Iwas elected as the student leader in the academic affairs departmentwith less opposition.

Asan extrovert and with my position as a student leader, I enjoyedmeeting new people within the University, government agencies and inthe locality. To say the least, I was the most social andapproachable student in the University and enjoyed the company ofmany students. In addition, I enjoyed analyzing different people’sperspective on matters of politics, education and health. Myextrovert nature led me to several people especially in governmentsectors. My weekdays and weekends were booked with numerousinvitations for events within the University and outside.

Inmy final year at Harvard, I met Rosa who became my great friend andwife after graduation. We married in spring at a colorful ceremonyand later settled in Detroit. The marriage was successful and wasblessed with two boys Franz and Fanon. I had made great networks inLondon and America and this made my job search easy. I got my firstjob as an assistant public policy analyst at Michigan State office. Iworked for ten years at Michigan State offices before moving toCalifornia Federal Agency of Public Policy Research. In theseplacements, I made great friendship networks and established my nameas an ardent activist against expensive tax regimes. My popularityand social integration made it easy for my election as a KalamazooCounty governor in 2004.

Asa public servant and an extrovert, I enjoyed meeting locals todiscuss social-political issues. At times, I joined the local peoplein community work such as general cleaning, tree planting and charitydrives. I enjoyed helping people solve local problems and accomplishtheir goals. To say the least, I found pleasure serving others in thelocality. Although, my work schedule was busy, I set time for myyoung family every Sunday. During my free time at work, I readpolitical and economic journals, I also liked nature walk, playingbase ball or visiting the elderly in the care homes.