Boko Haram and ISIS News


BokoHaram and ISIS News

BokoHaram and ISIS News

Oneof the main topics in the news is about the activities of the mostnotorious Islamic extremist groups ISIS and Boko Haram. The newscurrently running is that the BokoHaramhave pledged allegiance to the ISIS militants through an announcementover a video release (Elbagiret al, 2015).The controversy of the terror group is happening in two mainlocations in Nigeria, West Africa and in Iraq in Middle East. Thecontroversy involves the violent militants in West Africa led byAbubakar Shekau who is joining the ISIS led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.According to Jacob Zenn, an expert on the terrorist and militantgroups, the recording by the Boko Haram is authentic and the movemakes sense for the two groups (Elbagiret al, 2015).

Theissue of the two Islamic militants has caught the world unaware ofthe exact response to their threat. It is my opinion that the joiningof the two groups makes it harder for the world to handle terrorismat each of the two groups will be supporting each other. The concernabout terrorism makes this news item a worthy story to be featured onthe headlines of international media as it has. In addition, theissue alludes to the wider problem of terrorism in the world and theperceived relationship between Islam and terrorism an element thatcannot be discussed directly within the article.

Theissue and controversy in the news item should spark action againstthe two militant groups and all other terrorist groups. According toDavid (2005), terrorism is a global problem and that all nationsshould unite in the war against it. It should be noted that the twogroups have perpetrated violent attacks to innocent civilians andwill be expanding their dominance through such a merger. Therefore,the two groups should be suppressed by all nations as a step towardswinning the fight against terrorism.


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