Bolicua the Ultimate

Bolicuathe Ultimate

Thedesire for designing and inducing phenomenal idea in the market isthe impetus behind the creation Bolicua, the toy that is the ultimateexperience for young for kids. Kids need to be happy, and everybodyis concerned about the happiness of kids. Bolicua creates apersonalized experience, which is desirable. Bolicua embodies thegrowth of the toy industry just like kids also grow and startthinking of more realistic experiences that are beyond the animationor the personification of a toy. The market niche that Bolicuaintended to exploit is the ability of the child to get desirableresponses when a kid speaks to it. Children at age two to threepersonify objects. Bolicua makes it possible for the child to getinstant response whenever the yell or speak to it because that iswhat they typically expect whenever they do so. Parents are alsointerested in toys that are beyond the ordinary.

Bolicuais available in different racial representations so that children canrelate what they experience everyday with what they see in real life.For instance, there are sufficient raw materials to make differentblack, white, Hispanic, or Latino Bolicua toys. The real experiencein this case, is the racial representation. Secondly, Bolicua is madein such a way that the parent, on behalf of the kid, can adjust it tospeak in different mainstream languages, that is, English, French,Spanish, Italian, and Swahili. The innovation intended to capture theinternational market because the four languages are dominant in allthe six major continents. Kids of the target age may not are exposedto different linguistic experiences. The decision to capture theinternational market was motivated by the fact that the toy markethas become increasingly global, considering that different countrieshave different levels of innovation and pediatrician traditions.

Apartfrom meeting the artistic and creativity the industry needs, Bolicuadesigners incorporated the creativity and designer resilience thatencompasses the feelings of a typical kid in different growthconditions. Bolicua prototype design is based on the latest computeraided design programs so that ideas actually reflect what the modernkid would come across on computer games and television programs, notto forget the always futuristic Disneyland. Disney actually motivatesthis project because kids are exposed to Disney animations at anearly age. They see them speaking, playing, singing, conversing,arguing, driving, flying, laughing, and engaging in many otheractivities that go beyond human ability. Bolicua moves closer tothat, because kids can now experience it right at their doorstep.Although Bolicua cannot fly, drive, or dive like what kids see ontelevision, it can have a conversation with the kid through theability of the software to reply to what the kid says in eachlanguage programmed in the toy.

WhyAcmeToy Company is preferable

Onealways needs a reputable firm to guide them on the trends of themarket. Toy designer can be very creative and they, but they may nothave the acumen to penetrate the market. By choosing Acme ToyCompany, Bolicua stands a huge chance of capturing the mainstreamglobal market. Acne Toy Company has excellent designer professionalsthat have the business know-how that evolves through the advent ofthe toy industry. Therefore, the designers and innovators behind theBolicua idea believe