Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child


Bothparents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child

Bothparents should be involved in raising a child

Introductionand Claim

Parentingis one of the major challenges in any human’s life since itinvolves raising up another human being, providing for theiressential needs, giving shelter and making them feel safe amongothers. When you get ready to have a child, it should be clearlystated out in your mind how you want to bring up that child the bestway possible without compromising anything since you only get tobring up a child once and instill important virtues in them (Kohn,2005).The most natural way of procreation known to all is through themating of two partners who are male and female. In this case, just tobe clear and is therefore only natural for both partners to bepresent in a child’s life since they were both involved in theprocreation process.

Methodsof parenting now have changed dramatically during the past decadesand these changes are continuing to generate general public concernon the well-being of children.


Achild’s greatest need is spending quality time with their parents,doing this arouses feeling affection, security and safety. In thecurrent society, finding time to spend with family between bothparents is proving to be difficult. Spending time with children is interms for a family that has both parents and at least the kids get tofeel a sense of pride. However, this cannot be among single parentssince the children will have to take care of themselves and starthaving mixed reactions about their priorities in their parent’slife and start developing feeling of being ignored.

Accordingto research, children raised in intact families have on averagehigher academic performance, also fewer behavioral problems sincetheir parents are always there for them, and they therefore do notfeel neglected or unwanted (Bornstein,2002).Love and support for children is essential as it makes themproductive.

Adolescentis one of the most critical stages in any humans’ life since thereare various hormonal changes experienced physically, psychologicallyand emotionally and children of need guidance at this stage. Thissimply means a father showing a son how to interact with girls andmothers showing girls how to behave like a proper woman among others,offering explanations will help children work matters out bythemselves. Parents should take time to reach out to their childrenand show them that the changes they are experiencing are part oflife’s cycle. This therefore proves that both parents play a vitalpart in a child upbringing since one parent cannot play either role.

Someresearchers claimed that married fathers tend to have betterpsychological personalities compared to their counter parts becausesingle or divorced fathers are on average more depressed. Marriedmothers on the other hand tend to create better home environment fortheir children since they thrive when they do not feel like all theparental obligations hampered on them and they tend to focus moremajorly on parenting responsibility and playing the mother rolewhole-heartedly


Socializingwith other fellow human being is without a doubt a major key factorin everybody’s life. Socializing goes a long way in defining thedirection our life will take in terms of finding romance and alsogetting friends since it’s almost impossible to live a full lifewithout interaction, parents therefore play the biggest role in achild’s first interaction with the real world

Childrenraised in a family where both parents are present tend to have a morestable and healthy relationships. Researchers claimed that maleswhose parents never married were less likely to get married and aremore likely to cheat and walk out on their partners. Therefore,causing a detrimental impact on their romantic lives since they mightnever fully settle down and pass on the same vices to their childrenunknowingly (Cox,2005)

Achild’s parents majorly influence religion since children raised ina family where both parents are present and are happily married tendto become more religious in adulthood and since religion majorlyfocuses on being pure and on spiritual nourishment this children willtherefore shun from immoral habits that may greatly affect theirlives in a negative way.

Childrenraised by single parents end up living a messy life. Lack of both themother and father figures in families really has detrimental effectsto the children and trickles further down to the next generation.Advice and upbringing by a father helps the child to cope well withall the males that the child faces in his or her life. The same caseapplies to the upbringing and care by mother which end up imposingpositive effects to the life of the child.

Researchfurther shows that on average, children of divorced parents are moredisadvantaged compared to children of married parents in the areas ofeducational achievements. Children of divorced parents are morelikely to have some serious social, emotional or psychologicalproblems compared to children raised in intact families.

Parentsplay a vital role in every Child’s life. As much as some peoplewould like to think contrary to this by entertaining the idea thatmothers are the major role players, I beg to differ because I believethat every child’s personality is shaped during their upbringing,which is majorly compelled by both parents who are in their livesthat makes the father important too.


Howeveras much as single parenthood isn’t so much encouraged some parentsstill feel that there is no detrimental impact whatsoever in raisinga child as an individual parent. Parents even go ahead and claim thatit is much better off raising a child individually since the childwill only have to focus on an individual personality instilled onthem by that particular parent. These particular types of parentsstrongly believe that they alone know what is good for theirchildren.

However,some parents find themselves in this particular situation when aspouse passes on they have no other option left than to cater for thechildren. Therefore, when both parents are alive, they shouldwholesomely take the responsibility of caring, loving, supporting andavailing basic need to the child. As a matter of fact when the childwill grow up, parents will have something to be proud of and in factthe child will reciprocate all that the parents did to him or her.


Asmuch as people will always have different opinions about the mode ofparenthood best suited, it still remains undeniable that parenting isintended for both partners to take part in since the advantages ofbring up a child with both partners present still remains to be thebest way according to observations and finding over the past years.As the saying goes that people reap all that they planted, thereforewhen you instill good and admirable traits and habits to your child,the child will reciprocate the same to you when he or she growsolder.


Asmuch as some parents may not choose to be in either of the situation,research or observations that have been carried out over the yearsdispute bringing a child singlehandedly. The research dictates thatchildren of single or non married parents are at higher risks of pooroutcomes compared to children raised in a family with both parentspartly because children from single parent families have fewersocioeconomic resources and also partly because of unstable livingsituations (Semley,2011).Many single parents think that they know what is best for theirchildren and therefore have expectations from them leading tofeelings of frustrations from the children due to the psychologicalturmoil they go through. It is therefore vital for society to embracethe need of both parents in a child’s life since they are the firstepitomes of perfection in a child’s eyes.


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