Bringing Abortion Aftercare into the 21st Century


BringingAbortion Aftercare into the 21stCentury


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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Article 3

Importance of the Article 3

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BringingAbortion Aftercare into the 21stCentury


Itis believed helping women to process grieve experienced after anabortion presents an idea whose time is now. Currently, there arevery few venues in our culture that permits the women to grieve dueto abortion loss. 40 years have now passed since abortion waslegalized in the United States, and yet popular opinion remain that alot of mental health professionals remain misinformed or equippedwell to be in a position to serve large population confused anddisenfranchised with their grief (Johnson, 2013).

Strengthsand Weaknesses of the Article

To begin with, the article examines the strengths that the grievedexperience from a long time ago. It also reveals how these women arewilling to come out, even when the society is restraining them, andtell how the experiences they have undergone have healed them. Again,it has led to professional therapists to change terminologies thathave led to therapy model to be brought into our culture. On theother hand, the main weakness of this issue is that the society stillrefuses to acknowledge natural grief that follows the abortion,whether it was done with intention or not (John, 2013). The societyrefuses to talk about abortion, and also grief the loose since itimplicates that we should get over it as soon as possible.

Importanceof the Article

Thearticle is important since it highlights the issue that had been puton the sidelines for a long time. First, it shuns the society fromrefusing to accept the grief of women after abortion. Again, thearticle gives opinion on the level of confidentiality that should begiven to the victims unless the woman in question is willing to comeout and tells her story.

ConclusionOpinionon the Article

Myopinion on the article is based on the fact that the society in the21stcentury starts to accept issues of abortion among our women. Itshould be known that victimization and judgement should not be placedupon the women since it only subject them to grief.


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