Car Accidents In the United States


CarAccidents In the United States

CarAccidents In the United States

Thisis a very sensitive topic that has been a topic of interest to mostof the people across the globe. Car accidents have also been rated assome of the most common sources of deaths not only in America, butalso in other countries across the globe. For this reason, I intendto use statistics that have been gathered on the number and fatalityof car accidents in the USA. I intend to answer the question bylooking at the various statistics on the number of car accidents thathave occurred as a result of various causes. This paper will thenanalyze the data depending on the magnitude of influence that eachfactor has. This will then be used to classify the main causes of caraccidents that have been occurring in the USA, as well as, theirtrend over the years.

Table1.1Average Annual fatalities in the united states 2000-2009(Journalist`s Resource, 2014)

Table1.2Variouscauses of distractions that are experienced by drivers that may leadto accidents (West &amp Naumann, 2011)

Diagramsand calculations

Graph1.1Department of transport 2014

Thisgraph shows that the number of fatal accidents has reduced. Thepercentage reduction between the year 2000 and the 2010 is (450-250)/ 450 *100% = 44.4%. In 1979, there were a total of 1380fatal accidents in the whole country, which shows that the trend hasbeen a decreasing one in terms of the fatal accidents. The number ofpeople dying from these accidents has actually reduced (Department oftransport 2014).

Graph1.2(Vardi 2014. P, 350)

Theabove graph shows the relationship between the use of phones bydrivers for texting with the rate of accidents. The more the worldmoves towards text messaging, the more the number of accidents isincreasing. It can be seen that texting while driving is one of thereasons as to why most of the people cause accidents.

Graph1.3.Alcoholrelated accidents between the united states, Colorado and lamercounty(Fraade-Blanar, Concha-Eastman &amp Baker, 2011)

Thisgraph shows that there have been an increase in the number ofaccidents that are attributed to alcohol use. From calculations, 2011had a total of 30 percent of all the accidents being alcohol related.The trend has been upwards in recent years with the percentage havingbeen less than 25 percent in 2002.

CommentaryAnd Analysis

Fromthe above analysis, it is clear that accidents are some of thethings that kill many people across the county. This resulted fromthe fact that most of them happen when the drivers are distracted bysomething or when the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Theresearch has indicated that most of the accidents that are happeningin the USA today are. Related to either texting while driving orbeing under the influence of alcohol. From the tables, it can be seenthat there are more than 40, 000 deaths that are related toaccidents. It is also clear that private users are the ones who causethe largest number of deaths with their vehicles.

Thetrend from the graphs is that texting while driving has become thenorm in recent years, which has been motivated by the advancement intechnology across the globe. The use of social media among thedrivers has also increased the chances of accidents occurring acrossthe nation.

Teenagersare the ones who are highly affected by this issue of texting whiledriving. The results have shown that a car accident on average cankill a person in every 12 minutes. This is because the country has atotal of 40,000 fatalities. This confirms the fact that roadaccidents are one of the most common killers in the county. The othertrend is that there are some states like Colorado that have a higherpercentage of accidents being alcohol related than the average of thewhole country. The average numbers of text messages that are sent bydrivers in the recent past have been increasing. This means that thetotal number of distractions has also increased in the country amongdrivers.


Theinitial researchers collected the data by analyzing various accidentsthat happened in various states and looking at the investigativereports in order to find out the real cause of the accidents. This isthe reason as to why the graphs are drawn in order to show thevarious relationships between the accidents and the cause. In orderto be realistic and clear in their analysis, the researchers brokedown the data according to several causes that are known to be theleading. In the case where the state of Colorado has been comparedagainst the whole country means that they also divided the dataaccording to the various states within which these accidents haveoccurred. For this reason, it means that in case a study was doing acomparison between the states and the number of accidents that haveoccurred in them, then the information would be available as aresult.

Inorder to collect this data, the police department can be veryhelpful. This is because it is the department that investigates thevarious causes of accidents in the county and in order to get a clearpicture of the influence of every cause on the number of accidents,then the police department is the most credible source of thisdepartment. The department of transport is the one that carries outthe analysis of the trends that are being adopted by the number ofaccidents that are taking place in the county. This means that anyresearcher who is willing to conduct a research on accidents in theUSA can liaise with the department of transport for credibleinformation on the exact number of accidents that are taking place(West &amp Naumann,&nbsp2011).


Fromthe above analysis, it is clear that there is need to do something onthe reduction of accidents among American citizens. The causes ofthese accidents are things that can be avoided with very littleeffort. The police department can ensure that they are more vibranton the ways that they handle the issue of drinking while driving,especially when they are dealing with the young people. In mostcases, texting while driving has been found to be one of the leadingdistractions that cause fatal accidents. The country is losing over40, 000 citizens per year, which translates to one person dying inevery 12 minutes as a result of the issues to do with car accidents.If the right measures are taken combined with a good civic education,then the problem of accidents in America would be the story of thepast. This is because private drivers are the most affected by theseaccidents. There is need to establish the gap between the disciplineamong commercial drivers and the private ones.


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