Case Memo- Martha McCaskey

Case Memo-Martha McCaskey, 49198624 4


  1. Problem statement

The IDU company offers low payments and workers are subjected totedious fieldwork.

No available source to get proprietary information McCaskey needs.

Rendall is behaving weirdly behind the scene and Hackert’s responseis not satisfactory.

No job security

  1. (Business Success) Factors

  1. Company reputation: The quality outcomes of the projects as well as the production and services offered to clients may influence the company’s reputation.

  2. Long -term develop: Coming into terms of agreement between the professionals, the analysts and the staff is beneficial for Seleri’s long term development.

  3. Company benefit: Staffs, attitude towards the company as well as their confidence level may impact on the company widely.

  4. Customer’s benefits: Customers should get want they want in right quantity and time from the company.

(Importance of success factors)

  1. IAD operates exclusively out of San Francisco. Much of Seleri’s demand for competitive analysis comes from outside and giving the customers exactly what they need in the right time and quantity will increase demand for the company’s products in the outside market.

  2. Seleri’s enjoys a reputation for high technical and professional standards and have experienced tremendous growth and so far have expanded its activities into four divisions as well as maintained its informal think-tank atmosphere. Involvement in exciting project Like the Silicon 6 and analysis for a company that made printed circuit boards impacts positively on the company.

  3. IAD consists of 15 professionals, 12 analysts and 6 support staff who negotiate and provide relevant information required by the company. They are in a position to make major decisions which are of great value as well as able to solve any conflict calmly. The staff can also decide on the right pay of employees without discriminating their efforts.

  4. McCaskey develops her own approach to the printed circuit board project which results in successful carrying out of the project. She identifies the cost structure and manufacturing technologies of a new chip produced by competitors and this adds to her dignity and reputation.

  1. Options

  1. MR. Malone Meet with Martha McCaskey who was doing well in her early days in work and have dialogue with her calmly and remind her of her performance before and how determined she was to become a group manager. This will enable him gauge the possibilities of McCaskey willingness to change her attitude. He should also give her more time to come back to her senses for work.

  2. It is important to reward interns on their work. McCaskey and Linda Shepherd behave weirdly because they are not paid for the work they do. Despite the company’s policy, inters should be provided with little income to cater for their basic needs. Bonus awards for excellent performance should be provided as a motivation.

  3. A positive recommendation letter of Martha’s performance during her project should be a basis for her being granted the position of group manager.

  4. Given that the company’s performance is declining steadily and there are lots of complaints from clients, it is advisable that the interns be fired to solve the issue.

Decision alternatives

McCaskey and Linda should not leave their job even if they do notperform well. This will prove that they are willing to work for thecompany despite their dissatisfaction. I therefore suggest thatMalone should talk to the two, to note their needs and expectations.Their salary should be increased as a motivation thus enabling themto work harder. To conclude, it is important that they are observedhow they work after meeting to decide whether to fire them or not.