Chapter 6 Technology across the Value Chain

Technology across the Value Chain

Chapter6: Technology across the Value Chain

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SUBJECT:Technologyacross the Value Chain

Technologyis the application of information in the design, manufacturing andthe utilization of goods and services and the management of humanactivities. Value chain constitutes a range of activities thatenterprises undergo in order to reach their customers with products.It is mostly attained through social networking aided by thetechnology, and it allows the movement of information from thebusiness to its potential customers and other actors. This use oftechnology enables efficient exchange of goods and services. Thisessay is a review of chapter 6, Technologyacross the Value Chain.

Technologyhas contributed a lot in the manufacturing of goods and betterment ofservices, as explained in this chapter. It has enabled the provisionof necessary tools that can magnify the effort of individual and thencome up with an industrial workforce thus making the turning of rawmaterials into affordable and quality goods. It has mainly been usedin the communications during the manufacturing of products it hasenabled efficient movement of these products too. Some criticalComputer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)and other assembly test systems have been used to enable efficientmanufacturing.

Inany value chain, service delivery is more critical since the kind ofservices being offered affects the future position of the business.The chapter talks about how technology is a useful asset indelivering services. Technology has enabled organizations to devisenew methodologies that help in achieving efficiency in the deliveryof services offered by institutions. It is evident in thoseinstitutions that have had faster agreements with their customers.They do not necessarily have to meet physically to the services. Inaddition, the arrangements and advice being given by theseorganizations, such as how to use some products have been deliveredwith a lot of ease.

Insummary, the chapter explains how technology is ever changing due tothe constant competitions in the market thus it is possible thattechnology will offer useful operations in future. In the valuechain, some of the advancements will be seen in the manufacturingdepartments where there will faster turn of raw materials intofinished products. These goods will also be responsive to the everchanging global market whereby the firms will be closer to thecustomers.


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