Citizen Rights in Russia

CitizenRights in Russia

CitizenRight in Russia

Justlike any other country, Russian is governed by the use of aconstitution. The constitution states all the rights andresponsibilities of its citizen. These rights are divided intodifferent types such as minority rights, civil rights, and childrenrights, among others. According to Russian constitution, chapter two,every citizen has rights and freedom. However, every right come withobligation and responsibility. This piece of work discusses brieflydiscusses some of the rights in Russia.

Whatdoes the constitution say about right of life?

EveryRussian citizen has a right to life. Russian believes every childwhether unborn or born has a right to live (Burbank,1986).In addition, no one is permitted to end a life whatsoever. Therefore,murderers are highly punished than any other criminal. The Russianconstitution chapter 2, article 20 states “Everyone shall have aright to life.” It further articulates that federal law has aresponsibility to imposes capital punishment to anyone who violatesthis law.

Areall Russian citizens equal before the law?

TheRussian law tries to equalize all citizens. According to chapter 2,article 19 of the constitution all people are equal before the lawand the court of law. The law guarantee equality of liberties andrights to all citizen in regardless of the race, language, gender,employment and property status, origin, attitude to religion,residence, membership of public associations, convictions, or anyother circumstance (Burbank,1986).The law prohibits any discrimination based on social, racial,religion, national, and linguistic background. Both men and womenhave equal rights and opportunities in pursuits.

Doesconstitution protect the dignity of its citizens?

Article21 of the same chapter, the government has responsibility to protectthe dignity of its citizen (Burbank,1986).It prohibits the state to under any circumstance to belittle anycitizen. No citizen is to be subjected to violence, torture,humiliation, or harsh punishment. In addition, no one should besubjected to scientific, medical, or any other form of experimentwithout his or her consent.

Theabove questions can be linked to the quote, “Russian citizens havelots of rights and freedom to enjoy.” This quote is important to myassignment because it involves the right of Russians. As discussedearlier, this are just three rights, but they are many more rights inthe Russian constitution.


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