Citizen Rights in Russia- Analysis of Tolstoy`s Letters

CitizenRights in Russia- Analysis of Tolstoy`s Letters

CitizenRights in Russia

Whilewriting the letter to Alexandra Mikhaylovna, it is interesting tofind out that the government is against the education of its ownpeople. This is quite interesting and unexpected I am left to querywhy a government would be against the education of its citizenry?Reading through some measures taken by Russia, I wonder why theDelnayov’s 1887 circular were accepted (Tolstoy &amp Christian,1978). Why would children from humble backgrounds be denied anopportunity to attend grammar schools? I thought going forward theirstatus should be improved for the general good of the society.

Thereis this quote that states that, “In order to defend a fortresssuccessfully, it is necessary to burn all the houses in the suburbsand leave only what is firmly based and what we don’t intend tosurrender on any account” (Tolstoy &amp Christian, 1978). Thisquote is much detailed and relates to the citizen rights in Russia.The quote affirms that human rights is not bargain able and are heldhighly within the Russian society. It is further assertion that humandignity is to be protected at all means. As much as a Member ofParliament or committee member might be having rights that aregreater than that of a common or ordinary man, but to take advantageof one’s rights then they must abandon their rights. Thus therights and freedoms of individuals are provided and upheld byuniversally held principles.

Interestingly,upon abandoning any part of the rights, it is not possible for anindividual to later win or retain any part of the rights. Therefore,championing for rights needs individuals to stand firm in theirbelief and upholding if the same rights. Thus, this stands in synchwith the doctrine of the Russian people that upon exercising therights and freedoms by individual it should not breach or violate onothers rights. Thus, from this, individuals can oppose governmentsthat are not ready to surrender on human dignity.


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