Citizens Movement (nongovernmental organizations to promote social reform) in Russia

CitizensMovement (nongovernmental organizations to promote social reform) inRussia

CitizensMovement (nongovernmental organizations to promote social reform) inRussia

Thereis a great concern by the author on the crisis that is facing theintellectuals and their awareness of the mistakes that they havemade. These intellects are re-evaluating the old ideologies and thiscreates a great concern for the philosophers to be considerate oftheir attitude to philosophy. This creates a question of what was thecurrent attitude toward the philosophy by the philosophers. Had theytaken a divergent attitude for them to be in the worry of theattitude? Another question that arises from the words of the authoris whether the intellects are becoming more knowledgeable than thephilosophists and this is threatening the philosophist’s ideas [ CITATION Ber94 l 1033 ].

Thenext question that arises is from the idea that the approach tophilosophy was shallow as it was the approach to other spiritualvalues. Why the approach was considered shallow while the philosophythat was developed by the early philosophians is being used as thebasis of philosophy? As a reader I would like to know more about theculture of philosophy so as to be able to understand the approachthat was taken in developing philosophy. There was a decline inphilosophy in the sixties. This information leaves me with a questionon how philosophy developed and how it could be measured tounderstand the periods of declining philosophy. Could it be becauseof lack of documentation that philosophy is considered declining? [ CITATION Ber94 l 1033 ]


Berdiaev,Nikolai, “Philosophical Verity and Intelligentsia Truth”, 6

Lovefor egalitarian justice, for social good, for the people’s welfare,paralyzed love for the truth and almost destroyed any interest intruth.


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