Citizens Right in Russia


CitizensRight in Russia

NikolaiAlexandrovich Berdyaev born March 18, 1874 and died March 24, 1948was a philosopher of freedom and religion in Russia. Nikolai stronglybelieved that freedom was the fundamental ground on which all thingswere based. With this notion in mind, Nikolai interpreted truth andjustice in terms of subjectivity rather than objectivity (Shatz&ampJudith, 1994).

Nikolaiwas a Marxists during the period of revolutionary favor. However, hedeparted from being a radical Marxist to fully embrace philosophy andreligion where he fully participated in intellectual and spiritualsymposiums and debates. Nikolai agreed with some aspect of socialismin Russia but he was strongly against the Bolshevic’s deprivationof citizen’s rights and freedom, domination of the state andauthoritarianism (Shatz &amp Judith, 1994).

Questionsfor discussion

  1. Why is it said that Berdyaev as a Christian existentialist differed in thoughts with other popular Christian existentialist, for example Jean-Paul Sarte?

  2. Berdyaev departed from Marxism saying it led to totalitarianism which restricted freedom and devalued individuals. Explain?

  3. Why was Berdyaev although a staunch Christian, critical of the institutional church?


Citizen Right in Russia 1

“Communion in sympathy and love, and the overcoming of strangement personalism and the expression of the individual and personal character of each existence a transition to the realm of freedom and determination from within, with victory over enslaving necessity and the predominance of quality over quantity, of creativeness over adaptation.

Pg. 73

ote Card

Accordingto Berdyaev, objectification was a dehumanizing and depersonalizingprocess that reduced man, the subject, to being an object, a thing. Agood medicine to objectification is Berdyaev quote in the note card(Berdyaev, 1994).


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