Coffee Joulies


CoffeeJoulies are stainless shells that are placed inside an insulatedcontainer to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside it.According to the joulies manufacturers, coffee should be hot whilejoulies should be cool. A coffee joulies is a food-based andnon-toxic material that releases and absorbs heat from the coffee. Itis manufactured from USA by recycling stainless steel by use ofhydropower. Coffee joulies are very important in the hotel whileserving tea, coffee, or any other drink. For instance, a client canplace a coffee joulies in a thermos of coffee to maintain atemperature of sixty degrees Celsius, an ideal drinking temperature.

Coffeejoulies have several strength and advantages. Firstly, it is aneffective product to maintain the desirable temperature of a coffee(Amazon n.p). However, they work perfectly in insulated vessels. Thatis, the efficiency of insulation determines the effectiveness of thejoulies. They are most effective in insulated cups with a lid orvacuum thermos. Coffee joulies absorbs extra thermal energy from thecoffee when served hot, and it rapidly cools it down to sixty degreesCelsius. Next, the joulies releases the same enough to the coffeemaintaining this temperature. Therefore, a hotel can purchase theseproducts to use them while serving their clients. Secondly, jouliesare effective products in bringing down the temperature of a coffeeto a drinkable level without using a spoon or blowing to cool itdown. This is achieved by placing the joulies in an open and ceramiccup. Unfortunately, in this case, the coffee does not maintain thedrinkable temperature for a long period. This is because of thecoffee exposure to the air and heat loss through ceramic material.

Onthe other hand, coffee joulies have some weakness and disadvantages.Firstly, they are not a hundred percent effective. According toAmazon (n.p) shark tank reviews, most people have doubts over thejoulies effectiveness. Those people who have tried using it say thatit does not work well at all. Secondly, the product works well onlywith vacuum thermos and not coffee cup or mug. Joulies are largehence, using them in mug or cup will disperse one-third of thecoffee. Secondly, the joulies company does not respond to emails. Ina case where a person purchase the product and find if have someissues and write to the company, they do not respond immediately.Instead, they take weeks or even month to respond. In the end, a mayfeel it may appear as wastage of money. According to TV appearanceand their website, is a new company and operate withfew staff members. Nevertheless, this is not a satisfactory excusefor not responding to emails.

Inmy opinion, if one has a high quality sealed thermos, there is noneed to use joulies. Alternatively, it is better to add an ice cubeto the drink when served in the cup or mug. The ice cube will servethe purpose of lowering the temperature similarly to joulies. Irecommend that before purchasing this product, one should consider itin term of taking the coffee. If one desires to take his or hercoffee very hot to near boiling point, then joulies will not workperfectly. I advise Shark Tank to reject these products because theirdisadvantages outweigh their advantages. In addition, not many peopleare likely to purchase due to their negative reviews.


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