College Degree Comparison

CollegeDegree Comparison


Collegedegree comparison

Formy degree program I have selected Bachelor of Science in Management,Economics, and Business, I will compare the similarities that existbetween Pennsylvania State University, Griffith University,Queensland University, and SUNY Empire State College when offeringthe course.

Thesimilarities in terms of existing missions in the selected learninginstitutions and in the selected department develops to educate aswell as support students’ preparation and development for a widevariety of business opportunities. Additionally, improvisingcollaborative researches that sustain positive impacts, on theactivities and thoughts of other professionals and academiccolleagues is also essential in this department. Lastly, ensuringthat the staff and faculty support all the evolving needs of studentsand curriculum in the business department is very important.

Theknowledge and skills acquired from the Department of Business in allthe four learning institution are problem-solving, logical thinking,decision-making, a clear understanding of how different organizationsoperates, and critical thinking. In addition, strong communicationskills, report and presentation writing skills, effective timemanagement, resource and project management, numeracy andunderstanding how to use and interpret financial data, and a closeeconomic fluctuation of economy knowledge are also acquired in thisdepartment.

Mystudies have clearly indicated that all the learning institutionsbusiness departments connected with advertising, finance andaccounting, business organizational studies, international studies,negotiation and communication, marketing, also management. Thecourses that I would like to add to management are marketing,communication, and negotiation because they will make me moremarketable in the business field.

Inconclusion, the studies I have carried out proves that all collegesoffer similar business courses, and their missions are the samebecause the target the same job opportunities.


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