Community Fitness Programs


CommunityFitness Programs

YMCAand Gold’s Gym

InOrange County, there are a number of community fitness programs thatserve people in terms of health and body fitness. However, twofacilities stand out among others by offering the best health andfitness programs. These two are Gold’s Gym located at 1973 W.Malvern Avenue Fullerton, CA, and the YMCA&nbspof&nbspOrangeCounty located inNewportAve, Tustin, CA. The twofacilities offer gym services to the public as well as their members.In this package, they offer physical fitness services, personal gymtrainers, heated pool services and dance classes. However, Gold’sGym offers fitness tools and free fitness classes to differ with theYMCA programs.

Thetwo facilities have programs for all the age groups and give serviceto any generation of people. Gold’s Gym has a fitness program forthe elderly, young adults, the youth and kids. To make it efficientfor people to determine the type or fitness program the facility hasset up an online query program called “Workout Builder” thatgives a customized description. The “Workout Builder” programgives the exact type of the fitness program for a user by collectinginformation about age, body details and personal workout schedule(Gold’s Gym, 2015). On the other hand, YMCA gives a long list ofdescriptions from where the users can select the program that fitsthem.

Thestaffing at the two facilities is good and enough for the customers.The two programs have experts on standby to help the users withquestions and concerns in relation to health and fitness programsprovided. However, the YMCA has more employees than those at theGold’s Gym. As a result, Gold’s Gym has systemized programs thatoffer a way of interacting with the customers. For instance, thefitness center has the Workout Builder, Spotter App, the BMICalculator, the Muscle MouseOver and the Trainer Quiz (Gold’s Gym,2015). All these programs are online and automated to give feedbackto the users.

Theopening hours are different between the two facilities. The YMCAoperates from 5:30am to 10pm on weekdays, 1am to 5pm on Saturdays andfrom 10am to 5pm on Sundays (YMCA Orange County, 2015). However, thehours also vary with the section of the fitness program. Forinstance, the Kidzone has different hours of opening and closing withthose of the indoor pool section. On the other hand, Gold’s Gym hastwo levels of timing the gym hours and the Kids Club hours (GoldsGym, 2015). The main gym hours are from 5am to Midnight on weekdaysand from 7am to 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays (Golds Gym, 2015).

Theownership of the two fitness programs is different. While the YMCA isowned by the YMCA organization, the Gold’s Gym is a privately ownedprogram. The YMCA is a global organization that seeks to bringtogether young Christian men to own and run public facilities such asrestaurants, lodging facilities and sporting facilities. Thestakeholders of the YMCA are the management board, the members of theYMCA organization, the customers and the members of the community(YMCA Orange County, 2015). The stakeholders of Gold’s Gym are theowners, the management, employees and the customers.

Theseprograms have certain advantages. The programs promote a healthycommunity by giving people a platform for keeping fit and maintainingphysical conditioning. In addition, the programs help people reduceoverweight conditions and thus solve the problem of obesity in thecommunity (Harris, 2014).Moreover, the programs provide important training in the humanelements of health and discipline. Through these programs, peoplelearn the importance of eating healthy and maintain personaldiscipline in matters of health and fitness (Harris,2014). However, these programs have thedisadvantage of being expensive and unaffordable to lower incomeearners who might be interested. In addition, the programs do notcover all the people in the community due to the limitation of spaceand membership count.

Ofthe two programs, the Gold’s Gym is more effective in meeting theneeds of the community compares with the YMCA program. This isbecause the program opens for long hours on both the weekdays andweekends. The longer hours of operation allow them to serve morepeople in the society. According to Harris(2014), an effective fitness program requires long hours ofdedication and exercise. In addition,Gold’s Gym program has more user friendly online interface that isdescribed to the user the schedule of his or her fitness program. Onthe other hand, the YMCA is more interactive on the human side byhaving people attend to the people.

Thefitness programs are important to the society and to a healtheducator. The role of a health educator in these programs is to teachpeople the importance of health in the community. A health educatorwill also teach the importance of physical fitness to the generalhealth of a person and the community. In addition, the healtheducator will teach people the importance of nutrition to the fitnessprogram and the right diet for the program. According to Harris(2014), nutrition is also a significantdeterminant to the success of a health and fitness program. Theseprograms are important aspects of the society and they help promoteas healthy and physically fit community.


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