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CommunityMailer: Ramsey Health Care Market

Ramsey-Health Care department

Cultural Demographics

The population of Ramsey comprises of 14,473 people, who can be grouped into 5,363 households, and about 3,926 families. Ramsey is a multiracial borough where 89.45 % of the residents are White, 6.66 % Asian, 0.12 % Native Americans, 0.65 African Americans, 1.23 % other races, and 1.23 % a combination of races. The Hispanics of any of the above race is 5.98 % of the entire population.

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Making an Informed Decision about the Ramsey Health Care Market

Age Breakdown of Ramsey Population

About 26.6 % of the residents are aged below 18 years, 6 % are aged 18-24 years, 23.1 % are aged 25-44 years, 31.7 % are aged 45-64 years, and 12.7 % are 65 years and above. The 2010 U.S. census indicated that for every 100 female residents there are 94.4 male counterparts. In addition, for every 100 female residents aged above 18 years, there are 90 male counterparts.

We’re here to help you make important decisions about your health care

Ramsey Department of Health

33 N. Central Avenue Ramsey, NJ


Phone: 201-825-3400

Fax: 201-825-1745

Making Health Care Decisions

A Comparing between the local and the national health care market

&nbspThe two health care markets are faced with similar health care challenges, especially those that are associated with age and demographic changes. Consequently, both the local and the national markets are addressing more or less similar health needs.


  • Medicare and Medicaid coverage should be extended to Latino immigrants and African Americans.

  • The number of senior centers should be increased to cater for the aging population.

  • Wellness programs for diabetes management should be increased.

Demographic and age effects on the local health market

The racial diversity of the Ramsey’s population presents unique challenges to the health care market. For example, most of the Latino residents are poor and jobless immigrants who have no health insurance and cannot afford to pay for health care services. The African Americans, on the other hand, have a higher probability of suffering from long-term illnesses (such as diabetes) and maternal mortality compared to the Whites. Although, the older adults comprise only 12.7 % of the population, this proportion is large enough to increase demand for health care services since the older adults are at higher risk of suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses.

Major health Needs

Major health needs

There is a high demand for

  • Assistance for activities of daily living among the aging population

  • Treatment for

  • Heart diseases

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

Local wellness programs

Major wellness programs available in Ramsey include

  • Preventive health screening

  • Weigh loss programs

  • Dietary management

These programs reduce chances for progression of disease to chronic stages. This reduces the cost of treating chronic illnesses.


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