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CommunityWindshield Survey


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1. Community introduction:

Identify the community you will be using for this assignment. It should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting.

The community under investigation in the windshield survey is the lower Hill District in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Quite a large number of challenges and strengths come up from this survey, research or even personal communication. Referred to as “the Hill”, Hill District has been a residential locality for 175 years and incorporates five distinctive neighborhoods. Its residents have been pre-dominantly African Americans for more than 890 years although recent times have seen the populations become less homogenous.

2. Windshield survey

a. vitality

The community in this neighborhood is primarily black of a wide range of ages. However, it is common to see Caucasians and white people who may have come to the area as immigrants. In addition, the community is mainly composed of young and elderly families. However, the young families are primarily concentrated in the towns and other urban centers.

b. Indicators of social and economic conditions

The main economic and social conditions indicators are the types of housing. The houses in this district are primarily detached single family dwellings that are well maintained and primarily constructed using board and bricks. A large number of them are modernized with central heating and plumbing, while the town homes have smaller yards compared to township homes, all of which are well taken care off. Houses in this are usually cost between $25,000 and $50000. This is seen as the poorer side where a large proportion of black community lives. A large number of the buildings are apartment buildings although there are some single family units.

c. Health resources

Numerous avenues of healthcare were identified in the windshield survey. These include Mercy Medical center, Magee Woman’s Hospital and university of Pittsburg Medical Center (which has been the recipient of one of the country’s largest proportion of NIH research funding), as well as Presbyterian Medical Center that provides fast-tract triage that is staffed by social workers. In addition, there is Allegheny Walk-in health clinic situated in Oakland, which caters for individuals with no health coverage. In instances where an individual is ill or injured to the extent of requiring hospitalization, all the healthcare institutions provide emergent-need insurance, which is active throughout the duration of stay and an extra 6 months coverage catering for follow-up treatment. As much as it seems that the community in its entirety goes through a shortage of technology, there is abundant innovative medical care, which can be obtained from the University, as well as medical communities in Oakland.

d. Environmental conditions related to health

As much as there exists no large industrial factories in the Hill, there are quite a number of smaller industries that have the capacity to affect the environment and the health of the people in the neighborhood. These are mainly composed of dry cleaners, paint stores and photo developing companies, as well as artisan stores such as window and monument stores. Chemicals that are used in dry cleaners, photo developing and paint stores can have a negative impact on the workers as well as the individuals that live in the apartments above the stores. On the same note, as much as the roads in this area are well marked, they are pretty much narrow and, therefore, insufficient for accommodating high volumes of traffic that live in the neighborhoods.

e. Social functioning

A large number of families can be seen in the Hill although for most of them, they are nuclear family units. There are also cases where there are elderly families living perhaps with their children. However, nannies of different ages take care of children. It is evident that the area also has immensely good neighborliness as shown by the fact that everyone seems to know everyone and often engage in chitchat when they meet. It is common for an individual to make cookies and take them to a neighbor. However, there seems to be a problem with substance abuse as shown by some street boys taking drugs on the sidewalks and some alleys.

f. Attitude toward healthcare

As much as the healthcare facilities in the area seem to be sufficiently utilized, it is common for people to come across alternative medicine practitioners such as herbalists, acupuncturists and psychics. This may be indicative of reduced trust in modern medicine and an affinity for herbal or conventional methods of accessing health.

3. Conclusion:

Provide a summary of your findings and your conclusion. What problems did you identify?

The Hill District is primarily composed of African Americas that have a 50 percent poverty rate, which a bit on the higher side. Essentially, it is an exemplification of the social ills that are prevalent among the minority and socioeconomic areas. Testament to this is the fact that there are quite a number of substance abusers, which could be attributed to the low economic status and the low engagement that comes with unemployment.

4. References:

OPTIONAL: List any references that you cited.

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