Concert Report Number




Thefollowing was a music concert sponsored by Palm Dilley incollaboration with the Michigan State University College of music. Itwas aimed at equipping students in the music faculty with skills inmusic. The concert provided opportunities for the students to performand therefore have first-hand experience of music performance. Thecharges for the concert were $ 10 for adults, $ 8 for seniors aboveage 60 years and free for the students with their identity cards.

Theconcert started with performances from Mozart with the “TheMagic Flute”. He played Ludwig Van Beethoven’s. This was followed by sonata Op78 in D Major played by Suren Bargratuni. He played visage ma nontroppo, adagio and allegro molto moderato by Johannes Brahms. Arecess of 15 minutes was taken and on coming back performancescontinued. Sonata in C, Op. 65 was performed with the following musicpieces. Dialogo, which was played in Allegro. This was followed byScherzo-pizzicato in Allegretto, Elegia in Energico and moto Perpetuoin preso. All this was the work of Benjamin Britten 1913-1976. Theperformances were concluded by seven variations on the Slovak them byBohuslav Martinu 1890-1959.

Thisperformance was followed by the recognition of some of the sponsorsof the concert and a court of thanksgiving to the organizers. Themajor sponsor for the concert was Pam Dilley (FacultyRecital – Suren Bagratuni, cello and Ralph Votapek, piano). Surenhad a silver award and a recognized cello player in many fields anduniversities. Vatapek on the other hand is a gold medalist and awinner of Naumburg award.

Theconcert ended with a plea for donations to help some of the needystudents and sponsor their education. A gift donation of $ 5000 wasstill remaining and the donation numbers were given. The upcomingevents were also announced which included a jazz orchestra on Friday,March 6, 2015 starting at 8.00 pm. On dates 16thand 17ththe Fairchild theatre event. 19thwind symphony, 20thsymphony orchestra honors concert and on 31stthe Fair child Theatre would take place in the MSU Auditorium. Theconcert helped to cerebrate music and the efforts of differentartists. It is a good way for individuals to enjoy life and relax.