Currently,the communication of the social sustainability projects in MSU hasnot been very effective. This is especially because of the highnumber of students that makes it hard to track any significantopportunities that will ensure that students effectively give back tothe community through sustainable projects. Among the major issuescurrently affecting MSU are environmental issues, equality, healthand volunteering amongst other preferences. Therefore, the proposalon the app is in line with the objectives of ensuring that there isawareness about to these issues. There is a need to enhance socialsustainability, especially because of the increased levels ofignorance from the student body that requires immediate redress.

Theapp will, therefore, seek to collect data from the students` bodyregarding their interests such as environment, health or evenequality amongst others. After that, the results obtained can be usedto determine the most appropriate projects, within the radius of thestudents, which will play a major role in promoting sustainability.The target audience will be the members of the student body, with amajor concern to those with a passion for giving back to thecommunity, and the target age group is between 18 and 24 years. Thechoice of transforming a social dating up to a sustainability appwhile preserving its integrity assures the familiarity and comfort ofthe app amongst the students.

Themarketing will target non-profit organizations that are rich involunteering initiatives, the Fraternity and Sororities that have ahuge communal angles, the applicants for jobs and grad schools whowant something ‘volunteering` to enhance their curriculum vitae andsell themselves, and Residential College of Arts and Humanities whichrequire volunteering as one of the core requirement for thecompletion of the course.

Theapp has been designed for smartphone platform and will be compatiblewith Facebook. Social media will act as the core marketing avenue forthe app. The responses from the use of the app can after that bemeasured and evaluated to determine any successful projects asproposed by the target audience concerning sustainability. Thiscampaign aims at developing and adopting an app for the MSU studentsbased on their interests about sustainability to help come up withprojects that will ensure that students effectively give back to thecommunity.