Conflict Resolution In Workplace (Outline) Number

ConflictResolution In Workplace (Outline)


ConflictResolution In Project management (Outline)

  1. Introduction

Conflictin project management, definition of terms, general introduction tothe topic, as well as highlighting what the paper will be covering.

Thesisstatement:project management has become a diverse element, that entailsmanagement of people from different backgrounds as well as differentdepartments, success in project management is greatly determined bythe effectiveness of conflict resolution methods.

  1. Project Management Overview

Whatis project management? Stages in project management




Projectcloses down

  1. Understanding Conflict In Project Management
    1. Types of conflict
    2. Causes of conflict

  2. Approaches To Conflict Resolution

Whatare the major approaches deployed in conflict resolution. Merits anddemerits of the chosen approaches as well as the challenges toeffective conflict resolution.

Identificationof the Conflict Domain

Generationof Conflict Cases

Exerciseof Judgement

Analysisof the Results

Communicationof the Judgement Differences (Cognitive Feedback)

NegotiationAmong Conflicting Parties

  1. Benefits/Impact Of Conflict Resolution To Workers And The Organization
  2. Challenges In Conflict Resolution Within Project Management

  3. Conclusion

of the topic, key points discussed, as well as writers’ positiontowards the topic chosen.

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