Contemporary Sexism and Discrimination

ContemporarySexism and Discrimination:

TheImportance of Respect for Men and Women


TheImportance of Respect of Respect for Men and Women

Thestudy supports the proposal that an important aspect of thiscontemporary sexism, is the respect given to men than to women, andthat this has a very differential respect of a unique purpose to playin carrying out mediation in hiring discrimination, which is distinctfrom the stereotypes of gender. This is evidence from the study thatthe hiring paradigm is evidenced by bias that favors men on both thehiring and respect ratings recommendations. The higher respect thatmen receive than female applicants plays a part in hiringdiscrimination. The author also gave suggestions that genderstereotypes helps contribute to the hiring discrimination also toemerge, but it appeared to be weaker and non-consistent. The studyalso shows respect to be having a causal effect on recommendinghiring a high-earning job. It also suggested a focus on men and womenrespect could help complement the current stereotyping views ondiscrimination and sexism (Jackson et al., 2001).

Fromthe article, there is a sense of credibility from the author’sstand. The author was passionate about the idea of passing themessage across thus being carried away by the contagion effect whilehis credibility of the subject holds (Jackson et al., 2001). From thearticle, the reader should believe the reader since there is stillinadequate understanding of respect for men and women. This isbecause there is much current gender profiling that forces theopposite gender, preferably men, to be forced to follow the society’spressures to remain a man. The article has strengths that areevidenced by a clear boundary between a man and a woman, which givesthe upper hand in creating honesty towards both men and women.However, the weakness is that it supports feminism rather than fightfor respect for both genders. The article talks about sexism anddiscrimination, which could successfully be applied by administratorsto handle cases of gender disparity and feminism in their respectiveorganizations.


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