Me:&quotGood morning: My name is Cynthia Johnson, and I am calling fromthe People`s Clinic. May I speak with Jan Doe?&quot

Patient:&quotThis is she.”. Good morning to you Cynthia Johnson, how may Ihelp you?

Me:Iam calling to inform you about the payment of the medical bill thatis due with forty days. I do not know if you are aware of thisplease.

Patient:Okay. I am not aware of the outstanding bill let me check my lastreceipts of payment. Kindly hold on as a check (he enters next roomand comes out with a huge file)

Me:Hello, Are you still there Jan?

Patient:yes please, from my file I made payment of the medical bill for lastmonth but this month I sent my husband. Could you kindly talk to him(hands the phone to the husband).

Husband:(perusing the file) Hello Cynthia?

Me:Hello too. My records show you have not payed the medical bill forlast month. Could you confirm this please?

Husband:(holding receipts) (he stammers) I have not paid the medical bill forlast month because I vacated to a new house that costed us a lot ofmoney to do repairs.

Me:( checking the files) the data on the computer indicate that youhave exceeded the grace period given to our customers.

Husband:I know but I am going to pay the outstanding balance within this weekplease.

Me: (looking concerned) the terms and conditions indicate that failureto pay within stipulated time the bill will attract 2% interest. I amafraid by next week you will pay together with the fine.

Husband:Please do not fine me once I get the cash I will clear the bill.

Me:please make your payment before tomorrow to avoid fine

Husband:(excited) I will try my best sir.

Me:Thanks for being our customer, we enjoy serving you. Have a goodmorning

Husband:( smiling) thanks a lot for your time.


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