Corporate America Abstract




This survey wasabout the eating habits, attitudes, and the opinions about In-N-OutBurger and the answers it generate were used in the researchpaper. Basically, it shows the consumer’s and employees’perception of the corporate services offered by this fast foodrestaurants.

In a more preciseviewpoint, this research paper introduces a reader to the dynamicsand understanding of the Corporate America.

Discussions are thenderived from the results within, and the conclusions made.

Research Paper-Corporate America


Corporate Americarefers to the large business companies or corporations that deliverservices and or goods to the society in America. This term isinformal in its use. Normally, the corporations are not under thegovernment’s ownership. Wall Street is another undertone forCorporate America..Thesecompanies have immense assets. Insurance companies, Airliners, Banks,McDonald’s, In-N-Out are some of the corporate examples. Primarily,an enormous base of employees is the driving force of these largebusinesses, and so there is an improvement of the economy of the US(Davis et al., 2003).

So,I decide to use a questionnaire to determine the effect of theCorporate America in the consumer’s sector, as well as theemployees’ side.

Inmy research, I mainly covered the In-N-OutCorporationthat is a chain of fast food restaurants in America. In-N-Out. Thefast food brands are majorly found in the American Southwest. Thechain’s headquarters are found in Irvine in California. Oherlocations have been opened in different centers such as Arizona andTexas. In-N-Out has better executive and employee ties. It is knownto be one of the leading companies in wages payment, normallysurpassing the federal wages mandate and regulations. Additionally,the restaurants have an advanced loyal customer base. In-N-Out theenvironment is well pleasing and aesthetic to the eye. The signaturecolors are Red, Yellow and White. More customers find it interestingto dine here since the restaurant’s architecture is well laid outand magnificent (Salvio et al., 2006). The food quality is alsobetter, as quoted by the customer below.

Taking my turn at the counter, I ordered most of the Spartan menu:one double-double (double meat, double cheese), one cheeseburger,one French fries, a large Coke and a vanilla shake. The youngorder-taker, in his paper hat, was unenthusiastic but perfectlypolite. &quotYou want onions onyour burgers?&quot he asked. I readily assented, and he shuffled off(Frank, 2008).

Customers are giventhe freshest, top quality food through a more friendly service in acleaner environment. Mainly the menu consists of three burgervarieties:

  • Humburger

  • Cheeseburger

  • Double-Double

Othernotable meals include:

  • Milkshakes

  • French fries

  • Protein Style

  • Animal Style

In-N-Outis committed to its services and the ultimate customer’ssatisfaction, therefore their motto is “Quality you can taste.”

Basically,the foremost question iswhether In-N-Out is a top established fast food brand in meeting itscustomer’s satisfaction and wants?

The statement of this research isthat at In-N-Out,customer needs are prioritized in whatever cost that can ensure themaximum best services are offered.

Thehypothesis laid out is In-N–OutBurger is amongthe leading fast food restaurant in quality fast food production inthe US. The hypothesiswas confirmed by the results and discussions given within thisdocument.


Simplequestionnaires were employed in the research process. The surveywas conducted among the general public who were the originalparticipants. The questions and statement-like-questions werepresented in a question form paper (equipment) in the officiallanguage of the US, which is the American English. Hence, this helpedus to cover many customers without language barriers affecting theresearch. For instance, some of the questions used to derive theinformation from the public, are outlined below:

  • Do you eat at In-N-Out?

  • If you answered “Yes” to Question three, which of the following food styles do you often buy at In-N-Out? Circle all that apply.

  • If you answered “Yes” to question three, for what reasons do you buy food at In-N-Out? Circle all that apply.

The survey wasconducted in 2 ways:

  • Questions

  • Statements

For example, one ofthe statement-like-question was “In-N-Out should improve thenutritional value of their food.” The respondents were supposed toindicate if they either “Completely Agree or Completely Disagree”to that. They responded by making a circle mark on theirpreferred answers and choices.

The questionnaireswere distributed among my group members. Each member was assigned aparticular public domain. For instance, neighborhoods, schools(senior high schools and colleges), streets, parks and other socialplaces such as chess parks and music concerts were the prime targetsfor this survey. This was successful since we were able to identifyand use a large group of people.

The rationale ofthis data collection strategy was the best. Using the general publicdomain as our baseline target, ensured that our results were unbiasedand also ingratiating to the research’s objective. Using only anentire base of customers of In-N-Out would lead to biased resultshence incorrect conclusions, in the long run.

The particularquestions were asked in their own unique style. They were asked forseveral reasons:

  • In order to bring out the real nature of this corporation.

  • To know the customer’s satisfaction level.

  • To develop on the company’s future endeavors.

  • To paint a clear picture of the employees’ conditions by studying the restaurant’s environment.

The questions were asked in that particular way so that respondentswould get a vivid picture of what to answer. The questions were briefand clear, hence, easier to answer and to choose, without personalbias.

ResultsThesurvey results are displayed in the table 1 below:




(18- 19)-81




(25+) -40

Total = 363






Total = 316

Those who ate at In-N-Out



Which of the food styles were preferred at In-N-Out

Regular Main Style- 180

Animal Style- 179

Protein Style-204

Regular Main Style- 190

Animal Style- 163

Protein Style- 198

For what Reasons was food bought at In-N-Out

Price- 200

Products- 213

Restaurants Environment- 204

Quality of- 199

Nutrition- 214

Taste- 220

Others- 80

Price- 207

Products- 203

Restaurants Environment-190

Quality of- 193

Nutrition- 200

Taste- 201

Others- 100

For what Reasons was food not bought at In-N-Out

Price- 52

Products- 13

Restaurants Environment- 20

Quality of- 7

Nutrition- 8

Taste- 15

Others- 27

Price- 43

Products- 6

Restaurants Environment- 20

Quality of- 3

Nutrition- 8

Taste- 11

Others- 17

In-N-Out should improve the nutritional value of their food

Completely Agree- 50

Completely Disagree- 180

Completely Agree- 20

Completely Disagree- 190

In-N-Out is a better dining choice than other fast food brands

Completely Agree- 170

Completely Disagree- 57

Completely Agree- 147

Completely Disagree- 63

Eating In-N-Out occasionally is not likely to negatively impact your health

Completely Agree- 186

Completely Disagree- 44

Completely Agree- 179

Completely Disagree- 31

In-N-Out food is highly caloric

Completely Agree- 150

Completely Disagree- 80

Completely Agree- 130

Completely Disagree- 80

Table1- Survey ResultsDiscussion

According to theresults derived in the table 1 above, all the participants, both maleand females were a total of (363+316 = 679). Out of these total, only(230+210 =440) were In-N-Out loyal customers. This represents 64.80%of the total participants. So the In-N-Out Burger was more preferredthan other fast food restaurants.

A total of (204+198=402) customers preferred to eat Protein Style, and thisrepresents 91.36% of all the food styles offered. Therefore, it isthe most sought after meal.

Most customersindicated that they liked the Taste of the food at In-N-Outagainst all other reasons that made them to buy food at therestaurant. This was (220+201 =421) and 95% making the top priority.

Out of 440 customersof In-O-Out, (50+20 =70) thought that the restaurant should improveits Nutritional value of its food, only 70/440 suggested so,which means that only 15.90% wanted the slight change. This showsthat the corporation is satisfactorily delivering better services toits clients.

As to whetherIn-N-Out was a better choice than other fast food brands, (170+147 =317) of the customers agreed 72.04% of all of them agreed, both maleand female.

Essentially, out of440 customers who dined at In-N-Out, (150+130 =180) of themcompletely disagreed that the food was highly calorific 40.09%.

Finally, In-N-Out ishighly trusted and highly sought-after fast food outlet. That isevident by the significant amount of customers frequently eating atthe restaurants, and the level of satisfaction the interviewees haveshown in the simple survey.


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Frank Pellegrini(2008). Restaurant Review: The In-N-Out Burger

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