Cosmetic Store

Cosmetics Store 4


Growth of cosmetics market is regular across the world. There hasbeen an increase demand of cosmetics as fashion and design has playeda key role in the current world and every one want to look gorgeousand have an aromatic smell. The cosmetic store is intended to reach alarge array of customers across the world targeting both men andwomen. Cosmetics of all types right from soaps, powders, oils andperfumes will be available that will target all skin types and thatwill be effective to all gender (Perreault et-al., 2010).

Unilever Company has this opportunity. It operates in over 190countries and has wide market base. It spent large amounts inresearch and development due to the great competition it faces fromother companies like the Nestle. More than 400 brands of products areavailable ranging from personal wash care soaps, laundry detergents,skin care oils, hair care, oral care and deodorants. This is intendedto satisfy all customers due to changing lifestyle and emergence ofnew markets.

The store will be centrally located in town where there are a largenumber of customers as most people work here in offices and streetsas well. The products will be openly displayed in shelves wherecustomers can view from a distance. There will be a large poster atthe entrance, displaying all the products available for easyidentification. Given that there is great competition in the cosmeticmarket, all the first buyers are going to be given discounts and theexpensive products bought are going to be accompanied with freesamples and gifts to attract a large number of customers (Perreaultet-al., 2010).. The price of the products is going to be favorable tocustomers but will change later depending on the marketing conditionsand customers’ needs.

Suppliers will be from both abroad and domestic as the store isgoing to have a variety of products with different brand titles andnames. The suppliers abroad will be reached through email and phonecalls while for domestic, the working staff can reach thempersonally. To enhance the growth of the store, manuals are going tobe prepared of the products available together with theirdescriptions and issued freely to passersby who are targeted to belater customers. Also there is going to be media advertisement of thestore, the products and services offered. Large malls andsupermarkets are the main targeted customers to sell to as they buyin large quantity and require a variety (Sahlman, 2008). There isgoing to be after sales service for products bought over Ksh. 50,000.Customers do not need to order cosmetic themselves online as thisstore will accommodate all their needs.

The strengths of the cosmetic store include presence of qualifiedstaff for recording ,receiving and issuing out orders, strongrelationship with suppliers and manufacturers,strong portfolio of brands and diversified product range, use ofcurrent technology and availability of wide capital base fromsupport financial institution. On contrary, the weakness includewide competition from other cosmetics seller, availability ofsubstitute products and some suppliers do not have long term productlines thus no assurance that they will be in market in the nearfuture (Perreault et-al., 2010).

To conclude, the store is going to accommodate products worth Ksh5,000,000. The expected sale per day is Ksh, 90,000 and the expensesshould not exceed Ksh, 30, 000. Towards enjoying competitiveadvantages, the store will have a wide variety of products, investwidely in research and development, carry out huge promotion,marketing and advertising and finally have an effective andattractive packaging of products (Sahlman, 2008).


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