Thereare various crime reporting methods employed in the United States.The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) and the National CrimeVictimization Survey (NCVS) are common methods of crime reporting.The UCR program run by the FBI collects data on murder, forciblerape, non-negligent manslaughter, burglary, motor vehicle theft,arson, larceny theft and aggravated assault. The FBI reports thesecrimes to law enforcement authorities. The UCR program analyses datafor individual crime case records or monthly law enforcement reportssent to the FBI or to independent state agencies which then respondto the FBI. This program examines extensively each of the reportsreceived for accuracy, reasonableness and deviations that may portrayerrors. Huge discrepancies in levels of crime may be an indication ofmodified records processes, changes in boundaries of jurisdiction orincomplete reporting (Schmalleger, 2012). On the other hand, NCVSgives a clear picture of crime, victims and trends. The survey isdesigned to collect more information on the frequency and type ofcrimes including that of rape, personal robbery, sexual assault,simple assault, household burglary, motor vehicle theft and othercases of theft.

Thedifferences in crime reporting may be experienced between these formsof crime reporting due to the methods applied in collectinginformation about crime. One of the reporting programs for example isFBI centered while the other relies on US Bureau of Statistics.

Economicaspects and social and political aspects plays a significant role indetermining reporting. Whereas justice is of essence, somedepartments such as the FBI have great political influence. As such,more funds are allocated in handling certain cases which are ofnational or political interest than other crimes (Xie,2014).Overall though, crime reporting in the United States is improved ascompared to the rest of the world. This is made possible by theconstitutional mandate as well as the economic, social and politicalstatus of this country.


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