Cultural Activity Report


CulturalActivity Report



Duringschool holidays, I always have a program of activities that gives menew life experiences. I decided to visit a museum and attend amusical performance during the October holiday. I wanted to visit theworld`s largest museum called the Smithsonian Institution in theUnited States. I had communicated the idea with my instructor whodecided to hire a tour guide for me. Education in museums provides alifelong learning for all irrespective of their age. The visit wasschedule for October 8, 2014. I had some information about the museumbut I had never been there. Upon arrival at the museum, I experienceda personal and a very dedicated approach towards the variousactivities carried out. I was shocked to find out that theSmithsonian comprise of 19 museums and 10 research centers inside.

Thehistories of prominent individuals in the past were told as well asthat of the America. In the museum, they had used arts to explain themeaning of topography, landscape drawings as well as portraits. Inaddition, I learned about the history of aircrafts and how postalservices worked to reach people across the globe. One of theinteresting things that I loved was the exhibitions of the AmericanIndian culture. The exhibitions at the museum contained the storiesof the culture and the history of how the Indians occupied theWestern Hemisphere. I got chance to communicate with one of theIndian guides concerning their arts. He said that museums do not likeportraying the Indian culture drawings because they like explainingit to people themselves. This was an adventure because I got a chanceto explore the various activities in the museum.

Theother experience at the museum is that there were special programsdeveloped for teachers. For instance, I visited the Museum Art Schoolthat is inside the museum building. Teachers adopt these systems tointegrate cross-disciplinary and creative teaching. Electroniclearning and online dialogues have been adopted for easier sharing ofinformation with the audience. I was shown an on-line videoconference where teachers log in to search on the differentdiscipline at the museum. I attended one of the classrooms wherestudents were taught via a real-time video conference by a teacherwho was in the museum. Students get access to these art collectionswithout necessarily leaving their classrooms. I experience a lotduring my visit to the museum and I learned that identification andmutual support provides an enabling environment for learning andsharing of knowledge. Museums have been changed into living thingswith unique narratives and numerous sounds that are educative innature.

Ialso had an opportunity to attend a summer music performance atBoston University which teaches high school students how to use thevarious musical instruments. I consider the experience as one of thevery memorable and meaningful in my youthful education. A personfocuses on music the whole day. In addition, I was surrounded bytalented teachers and colleagues. Musical instructors identified thevarious talents from students thus raising new young singers. Iconsider the experience as a once in a lifetime because beingsurrounded by skilled singers who are my age mates in a game changer.The other thing that amazed me was the degree of compliance,dedication and passion. It appeared to me as if these young studentswere performing at the highest level of their musical careers. I haddecided to attend one of the school musical performances but I neverknew it would be such a memorable experience. As compared to otherprograms that I had attended earlier, I would consider them as toointroductory. The summer festival challenged me to a completely newlevel.

Attendingthe summer music programs gave me a chance to participate thusjumpstarting my performance skills. The lessons and performanceshelped boost my knowledge and performance as compared to the onesprovided at school. As per my conversation with one of theinstructors, such festivals help in identifying whether a student canmajor in music. I learned that these music programs assist studentsin preparing for auditions. Despite having fun on recreationalopportunities, the experience in attending the summer festival helpedme learn how to network. I have lifelong friends and instructors fromBoston University. I was also able to learn a lot in relation to thefamilies of musical instruments. I was introduced to the brassinstruments including trumpet, cornet and tuba. In addition I playedpercussion instruments such as drums, chimes and cymbals amongothers. I cannot play professionally but I have an idea on how theyare played.