Culture comparisons


America is a land of diversity with many cultures intertwinedtogether but co-existing with unique cultures. Amongst the mostdramatically different cultures in America are the African Americansand Asian Americans. These two cultures contrast like black and whiteyet have still maintained their uniqueness. The first African setfoot in the US in 1619 when 20 blacks landed in the Virginia not asslaves but indentured servants. By 1660, many African Americans cameto America as slaves assert Painter (2006). Asian Americans came toAmerica in search of more opportunities and fortune. ChineseFilipino’s are said to have settled first in the US in 1750 butlater in 1840 more Asians were brought from India, China, Peru,Philippines and the Caribbean to make up for slave shortages fromAfrica. While most large-scale immigrations of African Americanshappened during slavery, the first large scale immigration of Asianshappened during the gold discovery in America. The gold rush pulledmany Asians to come realize their dreams in America.

According to the 2013 black population census bureau, more than 45million people living in America are Africans 14.1% of all Americanpopulations (, 2015). African Americans make upone of the largest ethnic groups in the USA. Asian Americans haveincreased rapidly rising from 5% of the entire American population in2008 to a population of 18.2 million in 2011.

Asian Americans are a distinct group of light skinned or Caucasiancolor, made of descendants from Indian, Asian, Far East continents.They hold a rich history, culture, language and pathway to America.African Americans on the other hand are a large group of dark skinnedpeople with great descendants from the African continent (Painter,2006). The rich African culture, history and purpose lives on. Thegeneral view for Asian Americans is impressive as they stand out forexcellence in education, innovation and career. Unlike AfricanAmericans, they are very focused with what they do. Elsewhere,African Americans are highly talented with some of the bestmusicians, athletes, actors, actresses coming from the blackcommunity. According to many Asian Americans, America hasopportunities that need to be tapped and the freedom to achievesuccess is present here as compared to the conservative Asiancontinent. African Americans hold the view that America is a place tobe what you want to be as long as the opportunity presents itself.

According to PRC (2015), many Asian Americans place a strong emphasisin family values, wellness and career. There are very few singleAsian American parents. African Americans have not been as lucky asAsian Americans to thrive in careers or get opportunities easily andlife for most of them is a struggle before making it big. As aresult, single parents head many families with family ties beingeasily broken. African American children are highly affected bydivorce and separation of parents making then grow up rebellious andin the streets at times, selling drugs. While Asian American parentshave tight family ties, are very strict with discipline and childrearing practices, African Americans are carefree. Asian Americansrarely intermarry from other races unlike African American who do notconsider that as a priority. As a group, Asian Americans lean ondemocrats though still maintaining strong ties with conservatives.African Americans are open about their political stand and most ofthem lean on democrats only.

Asian Americans are also very religious, including religions likeHinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. African Americans are mostlyChristians, Roman Catholic with few Muslims. Both ethnic groups holdreligious practices firmly and they practice rituals on occasionslike birth, baptism and burials. Cultural practices like songs anddances are unique to the two groups. Other cultures maintainedinclude their languages, food, clothes and way of reasoning. AsianAmericans are highly innovative with the ability to invent greattechnology. African Americans are more artistic and endowed innovelty and practical skills. Despite the notable differences, AsianAmericans and African Americans are a great source of heritage forAmerica. They make it what it is, a state of cultural diversity.


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